More Singapore women going under the knife in Korea

More Singapore women going under the knife in Korea

It's a craze that is sweeping across Asia – now it looks like its reached Singapore. Models, bloggers, celebrities and ordinary women are all rushing to get their K-Pop facelifts…but is it such a good idea? We also reveal some unbelievable plastic surgery before and after photos that are sure to cause a stir.

SIngapore women having surgery in Korea Under the knife: more Singapore women are having plastic surgery in Korea

The number of Singaporean women who are seeking plastic surgery in Korea is on the rise. According to My Paper, the Korea Tourism Organization said that the number of patients coming from Singapore for cosmetic work almost doubled, from 239 in 2010 to 468 in 2011.

Why Korea for plastic surgery?

So what is it about Korea that draws women in? It could well be a combination of factors that persuades women to make the trip.

The first factor is price. According to, you can get a nose job for as little as $2,500 compared to nearly $7,500 in Singapore. A boob job is around half the price in Korea and a whole face lift can be done for as little as $12,500, compared to $20,000 in Singapore.

Quality is another draw in. Like every country that performs surgical procedures, Korea does have the odd botched-job. However, surgeons in the country are gradually building a reputation for high quality.

Finally, it is hard for anyone in Asia, especially young women, to ignore the Korean pop music craze. The vast majority of K-pop stars have had noticeable aesthetic work done and their faces are constantly plastered on our TV screens and over the internet.

Plastic surgery before and after pics – Korea

Natural Asian beauty transformed into generic doll? Or average girl transformed into superstar? Take a look at the plastic surgery before and after photos to see what you think.

Plastic surgery before and after photos Worth the difference? Korean surgery before and after. (Credit: The Young Turks Youtube)

Korean plastic surgery before and after A big difference...but is it too fake?

Check out pictures of celebrities under the knife


Singapore women

Many Singapore women are going specifically to look like their Korean idols. Some have reportedly taken along photos of their favorite actresses such as Kim Tae Hee and Song Hyo Kyo.

Asia One spoke to one 26-year-old Singaporean women who intends to travel to Seoul to get ‘a nicer face’. The procedure will involve taking fat from another part of her body and injecting it into her face.

"Fat grafting will give my face a more 3-D look because my forehead is flat and the areas under my cheeks are sunken," she told reporters.

Celebrites under the knife

Popular models, bloggers and celebrities in Singapore are also going under the knife. Peggy Heng and Jacqueline Koh have both publicly discussed their Korean surgery.

Popular Singapore blogger Koh, reportedly spent $130,000 on plastic surgery in Korea. Her ‘anime’ style face went viral across the web sparking fierce criticism that her drastically altered looks will encourage young girls across the country to copy her.

Check out her astonishing plastic surgery before and after photos:

Jacqueline Koh - plastic surgery before and after Jacqueline Koh - plastic surgery before and after


Some of the procedures require more than just a nip and tuck. Often, girls are going through months of pain to get the look they want. The riskier procedures include jaw surgery and bone removal. It's also suggested that many of the post-operative problems are not reported by women, meaning the number of botched jobs may actually be higher than estimates.

Korean plastic surgery before and after Ouch! Korean plastic surgery before and after. (Credit: Kpoplagiarizm Youtube)

Last year, a 23-year-old Korean student killed herself after she was left in pain and unable to eat. She had had double jaw surgery in Seoul.

Minimum age limits and legislation restricting surgical procedures have been discussed in an effort to protect Koreans, as well as women from across Asia from doing something they might one day regret.

For more shocking plastic surgery before and after photos, check out this video:

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