Read the Story of This Singapore Mum With Two Uteruses!

Read the Story of This Singapore Mum With Two Uteruses!

Read the story of Singapore mum Angels Yeung, who has a rare medical condition of two uteruses!

"It was the year 2000 and I kept having severe menses cramps, so I went to KK hospital for a check up. I found out that I was born with a rare condition known as uterus didelphys. Which means there is a thick wall that divides my uterus into two sections, and there were two cervices too. 
The doctor informed me it only occurred in 1 out of 10,000 women in Singapore.

Initial shock

I was just 17 years old then, and to be honest, I felt as if it was the end of the world. I felt unfortunate to get such a rare condition.
At first, I thought that the thick wall could be removed through surgery. However, the doctor told me that surgery wouldn't help. He also found out that my left uterus was better than the other, in terms of the growing environment.
I was worried I would never have children even though I loved kids so much. For some reason I felt ashamed about it, and dared not talk to anyone about it. It even put me off dating for a while, and the very thought of marriage was rubbished.
But as years went by, I just openly accepted the fact of what I had and who I was.

Planning for a baby

I got married in 2013. I wanted a child immediately as both my husband and I love kids.
I even assumed I had a higher chance of having twins because of my condition, with one foetus in each uterus (I googled and checked, many Caucasians have it that way), however the doctor told me that usually the twins wouldn't survive due to limited growing space, and there would be a higher chance of miscarriage. I may even find it hard to conceive due to two cervices.
Getting pregnant was not easy.
I tried all sorts of ways to get pregnant, for example, with the right body temperature and the right timing, but was not successful. So, I went to the hospital for a detailed check-up again, and realised the main problem was the egg was not growing, and the doctor just told me to keep trying.
My husband Anthony Fung, is the best thing that has ever happened to me. He has always given me full support no matter what I did. He would always tell me not to get overstressed about having a baby, as it would happen naturally. He also advised me to leave it to fate.
I was thrilled to finally get pregnant late last year.

Pregnancy and Delivery

Surprisingly, my pregnancy was quite smooth initially, as I never had any morning sickness.
Later on, I developed minor gestational diabetes and had to do the diabetes test every day (poking with the needle 7 times a day), to monitor.
It was only in the last trimester that I felt a heaviness in my vaginal area. I had to use the toilet every 15 minutes. Also, I had severe water retention and acne problems due to change of hormone levels.
When it was delivery time, I opted for a natural birth but it became an emergency C-Section. I was in pain for 21 hours and had to be injected with epidural twice.
My baby boy Anson Fung finally arrived on 12 September this year.

Advice to anyone going through a tough pregnancy

  • Be positive! Having a baby is a blessing.
  • Too many negative thoughts will cause pre or postnatal depression.
  • Mothers-to-be should try to celebrate the opportunity of bringing a new life into the world. Enjoy each stage of the baby's development.
  • Share the expectant joy with family members and friends. Shop for baby items and look forward to the baby showers to come.
  • Surround yourself with people who can encourage and uplift you when you aren't feeling so well."

Angels currently run her own media company, Ace Creative Empire, providing event management, video production, talent scouting and marketing consultant services. 

Last updated Dec 2016.


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