Home birth in Singapore: This mum had an EMERGENCY home birth!

Home birth in Singapore: This mum had an EMERGENCY home birth!

This mum had an EMERGENCY home birth in Singapore! And guess who ended up helping her in that time of distress?

It may be every expectant mummy’s biggest worry – “What if I go into labour when I am at home, and can’t make it to the hospital on time?” While chances of that happening are less than one in thousand, it is exactly what happened to this Singapore mum!

And guess who helped her deliver her baby?

Mum had an emergency home birth in Singapore

So, recently, we came across this very excited and relieved daddy, Kean Ho Zhiqian’s post on Facebook. Apparently, on 7 April, his wife ended up having an emergency home birth, with the baby boy delivered by none other than…Singapore Civil Defence Force (SCDF) officers!

Home birth in Singapore: This mum had an EMERGENCY home birth!


Mummy Keryn Toh tells theAsianparent what exactly happened, “At around five in the morning, I felt bearable contractions and the mucus plug dropped. I thought labour wouldn’t be so fast, based on my first experience (which had 12 hours of labour time), so I tried to catch more sleep as I was really tired.”

“Between 6-7 am , the contractions slowly started getting closer apart, I started walking up and down whenever I felt the pain. I felt like going to the toilet, and also to shower. I woke my hubby up after showering and changing.”

“It was about 7.45am when the contractions suddenly became very intense. I walked out of our room to the living room to grab the hospital bag while waiting for my hubby. It was then that the water bag burst (at around 8am), while I was in the living room!”

“Meanwhile, my hubby had already started his car and was ready for me downstairs. However, I could not stand on my feet and I was lying in pain on the floor. We had no choice but to call for the ambulance. “

“Paramedics came and I told them that I felt the baby crowning, and had a strong urge to push the baby out. I could not stop but push with every contraction, they then assisted to deliver the baby and also the placenta.”

“Out came our 2nd born AT HOME in the LIVING ROOM at about 8.25am. Thanks to the paramedics for being so professional and calming us, ensuring that everything was in good hands. Grateful for the smooth & “super fast” delivery.”

Impressed by the SCDF

Meanwhile Daddy Kean Ho writes on Facebook, “Officer in charge Kit Shan had delivered my baby boy in my own house this morning at approximately 8.25am. She was very experienced, composed and exceedingly professional in the delivery of my 2nd baby boy. I hereby pay kudos to her and pay utmost respect to her and her teammates for their assistance.”

This daddy was also extremely impressed by the SCDF’s skills and the dedication shown by their team comprising of Prm Kit Shan (officer in charge), Medic Shafiq Rhymia and Medic Samo Iqbal, “SCDF indeed train their staffs well. Their performance was remarkable and my family felt that we were in good hands under the care of Officer Kit Shan.”

Home birth in Singapore: This mum had an EMERGENCY home birth!


The baby was then presumably taken to KK Women’s and Children’s Hospital, and daddy Kean Ho remains eternally grateful, “My wife and baby are now in the hospital resting. I hereby wish to send my gratefulness to the SCDF officers especially officer Kit Shan for being there for us.”

Congrats to these 2nd time parents. Here’s wishing this family good health and happiness!

We also appreciate the presence of mind shown by these SCDF officers. Their remarkable composure, and compassion shown in times of distress is indeed praiseworthy!

In case of an emergency childbirth

How do you know it’s an emergency?How do you know if the baby’s coming quickly and you won’t make it to the hospital?

Well, if you’re having strong contractions that occur 3-4 minutes apart, your water has broken and you have a really strong urge to push, you are probably experiencing signs that delivery is imminent. In case of such an emergency situation:

  • Call the emergency ambulance (995 in Singapore). If you are in a car, it is advisable to pull over; safer to have the baby in the car while it’s stopped.
  • Don’t panic. Remaining calm can help you focus on the birth. Also, babies that arrive quickly usually deliver with ease.
  • Grab whatever clothing or blankets you have, and place them nearby.
  • If you feel a strong urge to push, try to put it off by using breathing techniques, or lying on your side. Be sure to lie down or sit propped up. If you deliver standing up, your baby could fall and suffer a serious injury.

Home birth in Singapore: This mum had an EMERGENCY home birth!

  • The baby’s head will come out first. Do not pull on the baby or its head; gently guide him out, pushing during your contractions. There may be a pause before the body emerges. Make sure the baby doesn’t fall on the floor!
  • Once the baby comes out, place him skin-to-skin on mummy, with the baby’s head slightly lower than it’s body (to help facilitate draining the mucus). Cover both of them with dry blankets or towels.
  • A gush of blood and fluid will follow the baby.
  • The placenta takes 5-30 minutes to come out. Do not pull on or cut the umbilical cord. The baby can remain attached to the umbilical cord until after the placenta has been delivered.
  • If your baby doesn’t cry spontaneously at birth, stimulate him by firmly rubbing up and down his back.
  • Make your way to the birth center or hospital by ambulance.

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