Maid dangling off fifth-floor railing in Bukit Panjang pulled to safety

Maid dangling off fifth-floor railing in Bukit Panjang pulled to safety

Singapore maid rescued in a dramatic video. She was seen walking along a 5th floor flat ledge before she slipped. Police rescued her.

Yesterday morning (Wednesday December 6), a domestic worker was rescued after she was seen dangling from the fifth floor railing of a Bukit Panjang flat. 

According to news reports, the police were notified of the incident around 8am. They were told the 24-year-old woman was standing on a ledge at Block 241 Bukit Panjang Ring Road. Thankfully, the woman was pulled to safety. 

Singapore maid rescued

Singapore maid rescued: She is very lucky to be alive. Image: Facebook screengrab

The dramatic video shows what happened

In a video that is being widely shared on social media, the maid is seen balancing on a ledge outside a room of the flat. 

She is seen trying to reach inside the window at one point and can be heard shouting, “Ma’am”. A woman (believed to be the employer) is then seen coming out of the flat and peeping over the corridor. 

The woman gestures to the maid to come to her. The maid slowly starts walking to her, holding on the the wall and window grilles. 

She finally reaches the end of the corridor where the other woman is waiting, and tries to step onto the tiny ledge under the corridor railing, so she can be pulled up. 

But she slips and can be seen dangling in the air, holding on the railings. Her employer grabs her hands.

Luckily by this time, the police have arrived on the scene and the helper is pulled up to safety. Reports say that no one was taken to hospital. 

It is believed that the helper had locked herself in one of the rooms in the flat, and had climbed out in a bid to get back in. 

House rules are SO important

Mums and dads reading this, the incident just goes to show (again) the importance of briefing our helpers on every single little detail, right down to what they should do if they get locked in a room. 

To read about establishing house rules for your maid, please click here


Source: Channel NewsAsia; Video – public Facebook post

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