Singapore mum of 3 and doctor dies during Bali diving trip

Singapore mum of 3 and doctor dies during Bali diving trip

Singapore doctor dies in Bali diving trip: Dr Wong was also a mother of three kids. Find out what caused her untimely death.

Singapore doctor dies in Bali diving trip: An untimely death

Singaporean aesthetics doctor Wong Yu Yi was on a trip with two of her friends in Bali. This 48 year old mother of three was an experienced diving enthusiast who loved seeing marine life untouched and it its natural habitat. 

Last Wednesday was the very last time she would dive. 

According to news reports, last Wednesday (6 September) Dr Wong was on a 20m dive at the Blue Lagoon close to Padangbai Harbour - a popular diving spot and known for its clear water and pristine beaches. 

Dr Wong and her friends - Ms Yap Shu Mei, 49, and Ms Rini Astuti Wulandari, 27 - reportedly got there at around 8.30am and dived at 9.10am. At the 20m mark, Dr Wong gestured to the dive leader Nyoman Ariastawan, 29, for help. She was immediately brought to the surface, but was already unconscious. 

She was rushed to hospital but was declared dead on arrival, say reports. Despite medical professionals performing CPR on her for quite a long time, she reportedly could not be revived, revealed her husband, 48 year old hand surgeon Dr Peng Yeong Pin. He travelled to Bali to bring his wife's body back home to Singapore. 

Loved by all, missed by all

Dr Wong worked at CSK Laser Aesthetic Clinic in Novena Medical Centre, and her colleagues and patients expressed shock and sorrow at her untimely death. 

Her boss Dr Shiau Ee Leng, medical director of CSK Clinics, is reported to have said, "We have known each other since we were 18, and the staff are shocked. Morale is down because Dr Wong was well liked by everyone, including her patients."

Dr Leng added, "She [Dr Wong] was an experienced diver who always talked about her trips, having picked up the activity more than five years ago."

Dr Wong's husband meanwhile, talking about his wife said, "She's an experienced diver, with about a hundred dives in her log. This was her passion,"  adding that in Bali, she had hoped to see sunfish in their natural habitat. 

What caused Dr Wong's death?

An autopsy revealed that Dr Wong had decompression sickness. Her husband is quoted by The Straits Times as saying this condition probably caused her death. 

Decompression sickness is caused by bubbles of gas that are formed with changes in pressure when diving, affecting just about any area of the body - including the heart and brain. It commonly affects divers. 

Dr Wong's wake was held yesterday (Sunday 9 September) and her body will be cremated today (Monday 10 September). 

She leaves behind her husband and three kids aged 11 to 19. 

Our heartfelt condolences go out to Dr Wong's family. 

Featured image: Wong Yu Yi/Facebook

References: The Straits Times; The New Paper

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