These pictures of Singapore celebrity mums on holiday will give you major #TravelGoals!

These pictures of Singapore celebrity mums on holiday will give you major #TravelGoals!

Check out gorgeous pictures of these Singapore celebrity mums on holiday. We are sure you'll start planning yours!

So the school break is on, and ’tis officially the season to holiday! Yay!

Speaking of holiday, these Singapore mums have been upping the ante of late; and just looking at their gorgeous pictures on Instagram is sure to give you some major travel goals!

Without further ado, we present:

Fann Wong

Singapore celebrity mums on holiday


Fann Wong, Christopher Lee and their adorable son Zed Lee, chose Tokyo as their holiday destination. Looks like little Zed Lee had a whale of a time at Tokyo Disneyland! 

Jaime Teo

Singapore celebrity mums on holiday


Mummy Jaime Teo and daughter Renee meanwhile, decided to spend the school holidays in scenic Australia! This mummy daughter duo sure look happy soaking in the sun and the sea. Guess who Jaime bumped into, in Aussie land?

Jamie Yeo

These pictures of Singapore celebrity mums on holiday will give you major #TravelGoals!


That’s right, Jamie Yeo, who’s in Australia on holiday as well, with hubby Rupert and daughter Alysia. She writes on Instagram, “Family. Fresh cool air. Lots of space. Forests. Trees. Horses. Cows. Kangaroos. Wine. Good food. Fireplace. Rest. Holiday.” Now, we are jealous.

Jacelyn Tay

Singapore celebrity mums on holiday


Going by her Instagram feed, it sure looks like Jacelyn Tay had a super awesome time at her very “English” holiday. In fact, she writes this great advice on Instagram, for parents who are hesitant to take their kids along on holiday, “Travelling is tremendously beneficial for our growth and development, both adults and kids…”

“When we travel, we have to accept that things may not turn out to be what we expect. It may suddenly rain and you ain’t got a brolly. Child vomits on a long car ride…Well, only when we are forced to get out of our comfort zone, we are able to stretch and grow.”

Kids become more tolerable to upsets in life and differences in people and culture. When you travel with your kids, they develop bigger hearts. So for parents who feel inadequate in bringing your young kids out to other parts of the world, think of it as an adventure for things to go wrong and it is good cos both you and your kid grow.” We couldn’t agree more!

Amber Yong

Singapore celebrity mums on holiday


Amber Yong and hubby Peter decided to pamper themselves silly at a resort in Phuket, with their adorable munchkins, the very famous Momo twins, Leia and Lauren in tow! They even managed to watch their first movie together as a family (a James Bond one!), and that picture of the twins relaxing in a spa is the cutest thing we have seen in a long while!

Well, what are you waiting for, mums? We could all do with a break from our monotonous lives. So, book those tickets and get packing. Happy holidays!

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