Singapore celebrity babies of 2017 we can't WAIT to see!

Singapore celebrity babies of 2017 we can't WAIT to see!

Check out the Singapore celebrity babies of 2017 due in the Year of the Rooster! We can't wait to see them!

We blinked, and it’s April already! And guess what, 2017 is all set to be blessed with the next batch of Singapore celebrity babies.

The number of Singapore celebrities expecting their bundles of joy in the Year of the Rooster is growing…let’s check them out:

1. Joanne Peh & Qi Yuwu

singapore celebrity babies of 2017


Gorgeous mummy, actress Joanne Peh, and actor hubby Qi Yuwu are expecting baby No. 2 in May. That’s Joanne on the right, all of 36 weeks pregnant, at yesterday’s Star Awards!

She writes on Instagram, “As I start preparing for the arrival of our second child, some days are truly harder than others, maybe it’s the pregnancy hormones kicking in, or maybe the physical changes that seemed to be happening exponentially is tiring me out more easily, so while my husband Qi Yu Wu can’t be with us, he sends his love and we are ever so grateful for that.”

Mummy Joanne is currently busy attending to her first-born, Baby Qi. That’s right, the couple still haven’t revealed their daughter’s real name!

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2. Shaun Chen & Celine Chen

singapore celebrity babies of 2017


Remember how Shaun Chen disclosed his wife’s second pregnancy earlier this year, on Valentine’s Day?

He had then been quoted as saying, “I am okay with a baby of either gender, as long as the child is happy. My wife prefers girls, though, because she thinks they are better behaved, and they can dress up and play together.”

Come July, we’ll get to know whether little Nellie has a baby brother or sister!

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3. George Young & Janet Hsieh

singapore celebrity babies of 2017


Celebrity couple George Young and Janet Hsieh took to social media to reveal the big news, on April Fools’ Day!

Janet put up a photo of herself on social media, holding a sign that read, “One of us is pregnant”. It had George and American child actor Hudson Yang. She later ended up clarifying that it was not meant to be an April Fools’ joke.

Apparently, she will be starting her second trimester soon. This mummy-to-be currently has appetite issues, and can’t seem to suppress her hunger!

According to Toggle, the fact that George has two brothers with severe autism got this couple concerned about their baby. They have however, been assured by experts that the chance of that happening is just 1-2 %.

4. Leelian Chua & “Mr Lee”

singapore celebrity babies of 2017


Love 97.2 radio DJ, Leelian Chua, 42, revealed late last year that she was 3 months pregnant. We don’t know much about her husband except that he’s a non-celebrity and has the surname “Lee”.

According to Today, she revealed that her first trimester had been rather difficult, with appetite issues due to gastric pains. She also reported feeling lethargic during the day, and unable to sleep well at night.

Despite the hurdles of an older, high-risk pregnancy, she has been quoted as not completely ruling out a second pregnancy, “My siblings were a lot older than me, so I felt quite lonely then, but conceiving at my age might bring a lot of complications, so we will let nature take its course.”

For now, she’s looking forward to welcoming her first baby in May/June 2017!

5. Charlie Young & Khoo Shao Tze

singapore celebrity babies of 2017


Taiwan born Charlie Young, star of 1994’s The Lovers, is due to give birth in Singapore this May. The baby is her first with Singaporean husband Khoo Shao Tze, who she married in November 2013 after a courtship of 20 years! The baby’s gender has not been disclosed yet.

Here’s wishing all these gorgeous mummies-to-be a hassle free, joyous pregnancy, and a safe delivery!

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(Source: Today, Toggle, The New Paper)

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