These Singapore celebrities made their long distance marriages work!

These Singapore celebrities made their long distance marriages work!

Find out which Singapore celebrities are nailing their long distance marriages! Does distance make the heart grow fonder?

Contrary to what many believe, long distance relationships are not doomed to failure. Of course, it requires tremendous commitment, and communication and trust are vital. Chances are, it's going to be a bumpy ride.

But hey, these Singapore celebrities have restored our faith in love, and managed to retain the spark in their long distance marriages. Let's check out who made the list:

Joanne Peh & Qi Yuwu

One of Singapore's favourite celebrity couples, Joanne Peh and Qi Yuwu look so much in love, we can't believe they are a long distance couple! Peh and Qi Yuwu got married in 2014, and are parents to 2 adorable kids. While Joanne lives in Singapore, Qi Yuwu has been based in China for the last 2 years.

Have there been challenges?

Earlier this year, we got some hints of how badly Peh had missed her hubby during her second pregnancy when she wrote on Instagram, "As I start preparing for the arrival of our second child, some days are truly harder than others, maybe it's the pregnancy hormones kicking in or maybe the physical changes that seemed to be happening exponentially is tiring me out more easily, so while my husband @qiyuwu can't be with us, he sends his love and we are ever so grateful for that."

These Singapore celebrities made their long distance marriages work!

On his part, Qi Yuwu seems like a fabulous hubby, who hasn't left his wife's side ever since she gave birth to their son in April this year. In fact, so devoted has he been, that he even cooked confinement dishes for wifey dearest!

This lovey-dovey couple even manage to sneak in date nights, and in Joanne's words, "It's tiring managing a newborn and a toddler, but we decided to treat ourselves to a date night. Spending time with each other just doing nothing is a such a luxury, I'm going to milk it for its worth before @qiyuwu has to fly off for work again."

Ah, these 2 are giving us some major #couplegoals. More power to their love! 

Jaymee Ong 

Actress, TV host and mummy of 2, Jaymee Ong, married Australian electrical engineer Matthew Heath in 2009 after dating him for three years. They have a daughter Julie, and a son, Harrison. 

These Singapore celebrities made their long distance marriages work!

Jaymee is based in Singapore and rarely gets to see her hubby. She writes on Instagram, "For the past 9 months, we have spent 9 weeks together. My incredible husband has been based in Korea since August last year and our marriage has been long distance."

"I share this because, with everything going on in the world, it is a timely reminder to appreciate those closest to you, even if they aren't physically present. My family are my everything. One more month Matt...I love you..."

This couple makes sure they have their date nights, and holidays without kids. Looks like the distance has only added to their love!

George Young & Janet Hsieh

Taiwanese host Janet Hsieh broke a few thousand hearts when she got hitched to Singapore based actor George Young in an exotic wedding among penguins in Antarctica.

These Singapore celebrities made their long distance marriages work!

They were then quoted as saying that their biggest challenge was to start a family, given their long-distance relationship. Back then, they planned to meet at least once every two months.

Today, George Young and Janet Hsieh are expecting their first baby, and continue to be crazy in love. In his latest Instagram post, he calls her his "Wonder Woman", and we go "Awww...!"

Ang Junyang & Candyce Toh

Ang Junyang and Candyce Toh started off as Project SuperStar contestants and rivals. They ended up getting married in 2009.

These Singapore celebrities made their long distance marriages work!

Junyang moved to Taiwan to pursue his career as a freelance producer and songwriter, while Toh remained in Singapore. Apparently, even though they were separated by distance, the couple would WhatsApp each other daily. Toh would also fly to Taipei once every three months to meet her husband.

The couple once revealed that they maintained a “let nature take its course” attitude when it came to conceiving, and thanks to their long-distance relationship they were only able to succeed after five years.

Their “long-distance” romance finally ended when Junyang came back to Singapore for good during the final trimester of Candyce’s pregnancy. She was constantly having dizzy spells and vomiting during her pregnancy.

Junyang told Toggle.“I decided that I must come back after the third month [because] I was worried sick and I had to come back for the kid too.” Today, their little princess Azalea rules their lives. 

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