5 Simple ways to overcome boredom in marriage

5 Simple ways to overcome boredom in marriage

Do you feel like you've hit a rut in your relationship? Liven things up with these simple tips

Once the novelty wears off and the honeymoon phase comes to a close, routine sets in and so does the risk for boredom in your marriage.

Telltale signs of boredom include a lack of effort in remembering special occasions or failing to remember the last time you went out on a date.

When predictability creeps in, you no longer have long, meaningful talks about the future---even intimacy becomes like a routine.

But boredom is not a death sentence. And just because your marriage has become boring, it doesn't mean that your spouse has become bored of you.

So, how can you press on when your marriage hits a rut? Here are five ways to bring excitement back to your marriage.

1. Accept that relationships go through stages

Embracing that all marriages go through different phases helps prepare you for anything. Often, that feeling of boredom comes when you are settling into a comfortable pattern with your spouse.

Don't put too much pressure on your partner to magically rescue you from the mundane. The lulls in your married life are just as vital as the milestones.

2. Confide in a trusted friend

Why hire a stranger like a counselor or psychologist to help you through this rut when you can just call up a trusted friend and seek their help.

Sure, they may not be professionals. But you'll be surprised just how much more effective good wine and conversation can be as opposed to a therapy session.

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3. Cultivate similar interests

Finding a new activity together helps inject fun and excitement in your marriage. Sharing similar goals also helps deepen your bond.

Revisit an old hobby or sport you used to both enjoy or start one you've been meaning to explore but never get around to. Doing this can do wonders to cure your disinterestedness in your marriage.

4. Give each other space outside your marriage

Encouraging your spouse to have a life outside of your relationship helps them feel more fulfilled. This lessens the pressure on your marriage to satisfy every need.

It's healthy to cultivate your own interests and relationships and to remain an individual even if you're a couple.

This also keeps your conversations fresh and enriching.

5. Banish thoughts of breaking up

Don't even allow yourself to think of the word “separation” even if you're exasperated or filled with despair.

It should be an absolute last resort when you've exhausted all your options.

Remember you vowed to push through everything, for better or for worse. Worse often includes boredom.

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