5 Adorable Signs That Your Baby Trusts You

5 Adorable Signs That Your Baby Trusts You

Mummies, are you wondering if your little one loves you as much as you love them? Look for these signs that your baby trusts you.

After spending nine-months carrying your precious baby to term, you have an incredibly strong attachment to your bundle of joy - but does your newborn feel the same way towards you? What are the signs your baby trusts you?

It takes babies a little while to adjust to their surroundings after they’re first born. They’ve left the warmth and safety of the home they’ve known for the last nine months for one that’s a lot bigger and has a lot more uncertainties.

As they get more comfortable in their new environment, they will develop trust in their new environment. Here are 5 signs that indicate that your baby trusts you.

1. He acts based on his expectations

signs your baby trusts you

One of the cutest examples of this is when they hold their arms up to be picked up. Even from a young age, they’ll do this when other people are holding them.

Babies also cry with the expectation that their mums will attend to their needs. As a mum, you know how quickly you learned to differentiate between a cry that signifies hunger or just sleepiness.

2. He looks to you for protection and reassurance

When a stranger approaches, your little one may bury his head in your chest if he is uncertain about that person. On top of that, his reactions will mirror yours. If he’s in his stroller and someone wants to pick him up, he’ll look to you to see your reaction. Not that this means he’ll play along nicely when it’s your boss trying to pick him up, but he’s more likely to do so if he sees that you’re smiling and comfortable.

3. She will stare at you

signs your baby trusts you

Even from a young age, little babies love to stare at their parents. Sometimes you might even feel like telling them it’s rude to stare so intently at someone (but not really)! This is partially because a newborn’s eyesight is still developing but the staring will continue as they get older and want to get to know you better.

4. He is happy to see you

As early as six weeks, you’ll start seeing vivid expressions on your little one’s face. He will flash a beaming, toothless grin and you that will only get wider when you smile back and encourage him on.

By two months, he’ll be trying to chat you up. While you may be a few months from a serious literary debate, making noises back at your baby will make him feel like he’s having a conversation with you.

5. She will kiss you

signs your baby trusts you

Mums, we know your heart just melts when he plants one of those smooches on you. Your little one has seen that kisses as a way that you display affection with him and with your partner, and she wants to return the gesture.

Expect those kisses to come in sloppy, wet and oh, so adorable as she gleefully shows her love for you!

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Did you experience these same signs your baby trusts you?


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