Review of the signature facelift at PhysioAesthetics

Review of the signature facelift at PhysioAesthetics

Read about the Signature Facelift at PhysioAesthetics and how non-invasive procedures can combat aging skin.

These days, there are many surgical and non-surgical treatments that promise to freshen and rejuvenate an aging face. Although invasive procedures are more risky and radical, they offer the best results in combating and even reversing wrinkles and folds on the face.

A lot of people, however, are now opting for less invasive (and less expensive) methods of facelifts. Cautious about the downtime after a major surgery, they are also concerned that surgical facelifts can often result in overly dramatic results.


You may start to notice fine lines and wrinkles as early as in your 20s and 30s.

The signature facelift at PhysioAesthetics

The Signature Facelift at PhysioAesthetics is one such non-invasive treatment that promises to enhance muscle tone and achieve tighter and brighter skin with less wrinkles and absolutely no recovery time.

Although I don’t’ really have any prominent wrinkles, I can definitely list down at least half a dozen skin concerns I have. Whatever our particular skin concerns are, I’m sure you will agree with me that we mums often feel like our skin can always do with a little ‘lift’!


The entrance to PhysioAesthetics is vibrant and inviting.

Other than a smoother and perkier skin, I was no doubt looking forward to an hour-and-a-half of pampering! So I had high hopes when I was invited to review this treatment at PhysioAesthetics for theAsianparent.

The atmosphere

As soon as I arrived at PhysioAesthetics, I was greeted by a lovely receptionist who asked me to take a seat until I was called for my consultation.


All the rooms at PhysioAesthetics echo the same vibrancy and simplicity as the entrance and is bathed in natural light.

The atmosphere at PhysioAesthetics is not like your usual spa. It is well-lit with plenty of natural light pouring in. It is also tastefully decorated in shades of cream and white, giving it a very clean, but surprisingly relaxing feel to it.

Keep reading to know more about the signature facelift at PhysioAesthetics

The consultation

Within minutes of arriving, Adrienne, the lovely manager, whisked me away to the consultation room. I filled up a form with my basic details plus my beauty routine etc.

She then had a close look at my skin. To my delight, she informed me that my skin is in very good condition. However, Adrienne did acknowledge my concerns of uneven skintone, slight dark circles and open pores, but assured me that it was not half as bad as I thought it was!


This is the consultation room where your skin will be assessed.  You can discuss your skin concerns over a cup of refreshing green tea!

Adrienne then informed me that the Signature facelift will definitely address these concerns and give my skin that boost I was looking for. She also explained to me how they use technology to target skin issues at PhysioAesthetics.

Technology to target various skin concerns

PhysioAesthetics uses nanotechnology to stimulate production of elastin and collagen, which diminish as people age.

A revolutionary technology called cellular signalling is used to lift, reshape, and remodel the face and neck; it was developed by Dr. Gerald H. Pollack, a Nobel prize winning scientist and creator of the pacemaker.


This machine uses nano technology to combat fine lines, wrinkles and sagging skin.

Although this process sounds pretty complex, essentially what this means is that they use a low-level current to assist skin renewal. Don’t be alarmed though, it doesn’t feel like you are being electrocuted! This treatment is effective, painless, has no downtime, and above all, is safe.

Using this technology on aging skin can result in the reduction of fine lines, wrinkles, dark circles, puffiness of the eyes, and an overall youthful and refreshed look.

The process

After my consultation with Adrienne, I was taken into the therapy room where I changed into a robe and lay down on the bed, which was very comfortable and soft. The therapy room, although small, didn’t feel cramped. After my therapist covered me with a blanket, I felt relaxed and ready for my treatment.


The cozy and comfortable therapy room.

The Signature Facelift at PhysioAesthetics differs from a conventional facial. Though it starts the same with facial cleansing, there is no painful extraction of blackheads and applying of a face mask.

To begin my facial, the well-trained therapist applied the cleansing liquid and massaged in a whitening ampoule to brighten my skin. Thereafter, I was treated to an amazingly relaxing eye massage with chamomile oil, which smelled divine, to address my under-eye dark circles. The massage lasted about 10 minutes.

Keep reading to know what the facelift at PhysioAesthetics is comprised of. 

While my eyes were being massaged, the therapist informed me that a four-pronged device (see below) was going to be used for the facelift.


The facelift being done on a client at PhysioAesthetics.

She then explained to me in detail that the facelift itself consists of three steps, and this device will be used in all three steps:

Step 1: Improving blood circulation

Step 2: Using a low current to reduce issues such as pigmentation.

Step 3: Toning, building and lifting of facial muscles.

After the eye massage was over, the therapist applied a soothing lavender conduction gel on my skin as preparation for the facelift. She began by gently sweeping the device across my face, paying special attention to problem areas. Depending on these problem areas, the therapist will increase the frequency of the device.


The instrument used to do the facelift at PhysioAesthetics

How it felt

For the most part, I felt the facelift was not painful at all, but just a bit uncomfortable at times, especially when the device was above the jaw area. What you feel is a slight tingling sensation during the first step, which is slightly more intense at the second step.

The third step is the most comfortable of all, although you may get a slight metallic taste in your mouth. The therapist assured me that this was normal.

The therapist completed the treatment on one side of my face and let me see the difference compared to the other side of my face.

The verdict

Immediately after the therapist completed one side of my face and since I had a chance to compare the before and after effects on each side of my face, I saw a big difference. My skin looked smoother and more taut. The fine lines I had just below my eyes were gone!


Another facelift client before and after the Signature facelift.

After the entire treatment was done, I saw many more changes. My skin looked brighter and my skintone seemed more even. Since I didn’t have many wrinkles to begin with, I didn’t see any long term results.

That being said, it is recommended to have a this treatment done at least once a month for three to four months for best results.

If you have visible frown lines, sagging skin and wrinkles, you will most definitely see visible results after just one session of the Signature Facelift without having to undergo invasive, not to mention very expensive, surgery.

The Signature facelift costs $350 for a 90 minute treatment. 

A Special offer for our readers

PhysioAesthetics is offering our readers a very special rate on their No Sweat Inch Loss treatment. Instead of the usual $350, they are offering the treatment of one zone for just $158. Contact PhysioAesthetics for more information. Terms and conditions apply.

Ladies, is this facelift one that you would consider for the treatment of fine lines and wrinkles? Let us know by leaving a comment below. 

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