Shichida Method - Does it work?

Shichida Method - Does it work?

We ask our mums about the shichida method and if it works. Here are their thoughts:

We ask our mums about the shichida method and if it works. Here are their thoughts:

Samantha: The Shichida method is not cheap! My daughter is eight-months-old, and she just started. Will post with a longer reply soon. But my friends have sent their children and so far all got good things to say.

Nora: My sister sent her daughter for Shichida. She started when she was slightly above a year. The method trains babies to use their left brain by using flash cards - quite similar to Glenn Doman. They also throw in music and various languages and some sensory play. The "extra" is extra sensory perception, which they believe can be trained. It is quite effective, her gal can point and memorize the pic in the correct sequence.

Alicia: I dun believe in the Shichida training method. Sorry. My kid attended 4 sessions but stopped as the reception service is quite rude most of the time. It’s like they don’t care about you as there are “sooo” many other people interested.

Dominica: They are more interested in collecting the fees than liaising with parents about their concerns. Very impersonal feeling and I dun like my kid in such an environment. Anyway flash card method u can teach at home.

Shiela: I sent my older gal and now just enroll my son. Sibling got 5% off. The deposit was $300. Classes are $780 per term. I think they are quite good!

Daphne: The class is really good but I got one complain. they are don’t do make up class– so if u miss, too bad. This can be quite heart pain as each class is around 75 bucks! School hol also got class. How like that?

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Roshni Mahtani

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