Singapore actress Sheila Sim gets married: "With you, I am home"

Singapore actress Sheila Sim gets married: "With you, I am home"

Finally, Sheila Sim gets married and reveals who the love of her life is! The actress model tied the knot on Sunday, Jan 28...

So finally, Sheila Sim gets married to the love of her life! On Sunday, Jan 28, the actress model got hitched to banker Dean Woo in an intimate wedding ceremony at the Andaz Hotel. 

“With you, I am home. I love you,” the bride gushed on Instagram. <3

Sheila Sim gets married

Sheila and Dean apparently first met on a dating site. They dated for 6 months until he proposed on Dec 31, 2016 on a ski slope at Hokkaido.

Her husband is averse to all the media attention, which is why Sheila had famously kept his face under wraps until now.

The decoration for their wedding venue was inspired by the movie, “UP”. It was based on the couple’s love story, and had loads of balloons.

Some of the celebrities who were spotted were Chen Hanwei, Elvin Ng, Nat Ho, Dennis Chew, Chew Chor Meng and Pan Ling Ling.

Check out some pictures from the couple’s cute and unconventional wedding photo shoot, done at Tiong Bahru. 🙂

Sheila sim gets married


Sheila sim gets married


How Sheila got Woo-ed

It seems, Dean was blissfully unaware of Sheila’s star status, and that’s what attracted her to him the most.

She also loves that he is very kind, honest and down-to-earth.

She tells 8 Days magazine, “He is very simple and very honest. We are both very traditional and he is very family-oriented, which is what I love about him.”

“He’s simple in the sense that he doesn’t drink smoke, club… it’s hard to find someone like him in this day and age. He’s a breath of fresh air ’cos I was a model, where everything was very fancy.”

“And he is so disconnected from fashion and TV, so being with him is like being in another life. He’s husband material.”

Awww…Here’s wishing this couple lots of love and happiness!

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