8 Year Old Singapore Boy Sexually Abused By His Grandfather

8 Year Old Singapore Boy Sexually Abused By His Grandfather

This little Singapore boy had a bad experience when he ended up being sexually abused by his grandfather...

In Singapore, it is not uncommon to find grandparents caring for their grandchildren when the parents are at work. This little boy however had a bad experience when he ended up being sexually abused by his grandfather...

Singapore boy sexually abused by his grandfather

According to The Straits Times, it was an ordinary conversation between the boy and his mum that exposed the truth.

The mummy was reminding her son to go to bed early that night. Or else, she said, he would wake up late the next morning and have to stay alone with his maternal grandfather, while the rest of the family went out.

This probably scared the poor child, who was around 8 at the time. He revealed the shocking reason why he did not want to be alone with his grandfather - the 63-year-old man had molested him more than once.

Apparently, he had fondled and sexually violated the boy on multiple occasions in the family's 4-room flat. He had warned the child not to tell anyone about it as it would "create problems" with his parents.

He had also shown a pornographic video to the boy.

When the mum confronted her father, he admitted to sexually abusing his grandson, and asked for her forgiveness. A police report was made the very next day.

Yesterday, the grandfather pleaded guilty in the High Court to one charge of molestation and one charge of aggravated sexual assault by penetration.

The case has been adjourned to April.

We feel really sorry for this boy, who was abused by someone he was taught to trust...

Sexual abuse by relatives

Child sexual abuse, rape, molest, paedophile

It is sad, but true, that most child sex abuse cases are committed by acquaintances or relatives of the victims. In case of abuse by relatives, the victim might find it harder to disclose the truth because he or she:

  • Is unaware that it is abuse: Abuse does not always have to be painful, so the victim may have been gently coerced into the act.

And in the disturbing scenario that the abuse has been happening for a long time, ever since the victim was young, he/she may even have been led to believe that the abuse was part of normal interaction and love between relatives.

  • Enjoyed it: “How can you say that you were abused when you enjoyed it?” Again, the lack of pain may be misleading, and the pleasure, too shameful to reveal.
  • Fears the abuser: It may be loyalty towards the relative and the fact that the revelation would get him into trouble.

Or he/she may even have been threatened by the relative, with dire consequences.

  • Is worried about the parents: Many victims worry that the painful revelation would be too much for their parents to handle. Also, the assumption that things that happen within a family should be kept “private” often deters victims from disclosing the truth.

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(Source: The Straits Times)

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