Irresistibly yummy fruit gummies for kids!

Irresistibly yummy fruit gummies for kids!

Many of us struggle with picky eaters. Now there is a guilt free way to supplement their diets with all the essential vitamins and minerals they need. Read on for our solution to fussy appetites!

seven seas kids fruit gummies

Is your child getting enough vitamins and minerals from his/her daily diet?

Although my nearly 1-year-old is still quite new to solid foods, I regularly find myself fighting a battle with her at mealtimes. First, there’s the challenge of planning a menu that would tempt her. Then when it’s time to eat, it’s an uphill struggle to get her to open her mouth for me to get in a spoonful of food.

With my daily ‘adventures’ with her during mealtimes, I’ve been wondering if this pattern will turn her into a fussy eater as she grows up. Parents of picky eaters often worry that their kids are not getting enough nutrients through their daily diet. Of course, there is the option of supplementing their inadequate diet with vitamins but getting them to take their vitamins is another battle altogether.

Seven Seas® Fruit Gummies for kids

Thankfully a friend introduced me to Seven Seas® Fruit Gummies for kids aged 4 years onwards. There appears to be a rainbow on the horizon for me and my picky eater.

But I was still concerned about the possible high sugar content and whether lots of artificial colourings were in these Fruit Gummies. Like most parents, the last think I want to do is to risk a sugar high.

Luckily, I discovered that Seven Seas® kids Fruit Gummies has zero preservatives, flavourings, colourings and sugar. I can supplement my daughter’s diet with these yummy guilt-free vitamin treats with total peace of mind. It also comes in 3 great flavours (in cutesy fruit shapes). And my child enjoys the health benefits from an amazing combination of vitamins and minerals.

seven seas kids fruit gummies

Available in 3 great flavours – Blackcurrant, Strawberry and Orange – the Seven Seas Kids Fruit Gummies come with the goodness of different vitamins and minerals.

Get your Fruit Gummies now!

Seven seas kids fruit gummies

Check out this great deal on the Seven Seas Kids Fruit Gummies!

All it takes for a child to load up on the essential vitamins and minerals they need is to enjoy just 2 Fruit Gummies, twice daily.

The Seven Seas® Kids Fruit Gummies retails at $12.90 per bottle. Stock up on all 3 flavours for your kids now with the 2-for-1 deal at all leading pharmacies in Singapore from now till 31 December 2013 (while stocks last)!

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Justina Goh

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