Seriously Addictive Mathematics: Maths made fun!!!

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Seriously Addictive Mathematics (S.A.M) is a specialised Mathematics Learning Programme made in Singapore, especially for Singaporean kids! Find out more here...


Make your child LOVE math with Seriously Addictive Mathematics!

Where would we be without mathematics? We need it for many of our simplest day-to-day activities.

Whether it’s halving or doubling quantities for a recipe or doing our taxes, we need maths for lots of things. So it’s no surprise that maths is one of the most important subjects our kids learn in school.

However, maths can also be one of the hardest subjects for a child to excel at because it requires high levels of logical and critical thinking.

Because of this, some kids may find maths tedious and boring. Wouldn’t it be just great if there was a fun, yet highly effective, way for kids to learn maths?

Introducing Seriously Addictive Mathematics, more popularly known as S.A.M.


Seriously Addictive Mathematics: Made in Singapore for Singaporean kids!

What is Seriously Addictive Mathematics (S.A.M)?

S.A.M is a Mathematics Learning Program from Singapore, with a unique curriculum modelled after the globally popular Singapore Mathematics Program, and designed for students from 4-12 years of age. Here are some of S.A.M’s standout features:

  • They have over 30,000 pages of carefully designed self-learning worksheets with a unique step-up approach.
  • They align their curriculum with the Singapore/MOE Math syllabus, unlike other Maths enrichment programs out there that are developed overseas.
  • After assessing your child, S.A.M will design a customised learning program, specially tailored for your child.
  • They believe in a holistic approach to maths, and focus on skills such as Critical Thinking, Heuristics, Logical Reasoning, Metacognitive Understanding, Modelling Techniques and Situational Word Problems.
  • S.A.M engages students through The Worksheet Experience and The Classroom Experience — they call this the Two Learning Pillars.

The Worksheet Experience

This is all about engaging students at an individual level for study at home, and instills self-discipline and independent learning, both necessary skills required in all manner of learning, not just Mathematics.

S.A.M worksheets are designed with narrative instructions and relevant examples before each topic commences. The volume of work and level of difficulty are all carefully calibrated to ensure that learning remains challenging yet fun for every student.


If your child is struggling with maths at school, S.A.M can help him or her learn to love mathematics.

The Classroom Experience

In the Classroom experience, students are engaged with dialogue, props, games, probing questions and a healthy dose of encouragement by certified S.A.M Trainers.

During this time, the Trainer for each class will also take note of how each student is coping with his work, his rate of progress and his level of motivation.

Qualified S.A.M Trainers understand that their role is not just to instill mathematical knowledge in students, but to also inculcate the right learning attitude and self discipline in them, in preparation for their future.

All Seriously Addictive Mathematics Centres offer courses for children aged 4-12 years old (pre-primary and P1-P6)

Parents, do you think S.A.M sounds like an ideal Maths Enrichment Program for your kids?

To help you decide whether Seriously Addictive Mathematics is right for your child, we gathered some important information from S.A.M Centres around Singapore, including details related to their teaching methods and goals, opening hours, etc.

Click on the following Centres to find out more about them:

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