Here's all the fun we had at our September Baby Bash!

Here's all the fun we had at our September Baby Bash!

Thank you to all the lovely mums and dads who came out to our September Baby Bash!

Mums, if you missed out, don’t worry! The last Baby Bash of the year is coming really soon in early December.

Awesome activities from theAsianparent’s September Baby Bash

We had so much fun at the last one, we can’t wait to do it again! Check out all the exciting activities we had running and some adorable pictures too!

Once again, we held the event at Bove by Spring Maternity at Suntec City. We love their event space for its cosy feel and because it’s perfectly laid out so we can have a few booths in one room and get active in the baby-friendly play area just beside it!

Mums, you’ll also want to check out the amazing baby products by Bove and sneak in a bit of shopping after Baby Bash is over!

We kicked off the day with a babywearing dance session. This energy-boosting exercise has been a hit at our previous events, and this Baby Bash was no exception. Our mums and dads love grooving to the music, and the little ones are delighted by all the excitement!

september baby bash

After the babywearing dance class, the mums and dads were ready to check out the booths from our sponsors! Featuring hands-on activities, freebies and some delicious snacks, the sponsors’ booths were a hit with parents and their little ones alike!

BusyTables returned for their third Baby Bash and they were as popular as ever! At this hands-on station, they teach mums and dads how they can create awesome sensory bags with all kinds of household items like water, glitter, pom poms, even shaving cream!

The mums and dads loved these low-cost toys and we saw quite a few bubs squishing their sensory bags and giggling in delight.

september baby bash

Busy Tables had a colourful setup at the September Baby Bash

At the Nestlé booth, the little ones could try Gerber Graduate Puffs and parents learned all about the Cerelac instant cereal and Nan infant formula. There was some debate between the parents about which flavour of the Graduate Puffs was better but both Green Veggies and Organic Apple were popular options!

Bosch brought their team of chefs and BPA-free kitchen equipment to whip up some delicious treats for the little ones and teach mums and dads how they can quickly and easily make healthy meals for their bubs.

september baby bash

They showed us how to make a potato, carrots and salmon puree that smelled so delicious, we were tempted to try it ourselves and a fruit yoghurt puree that stole the show. We heard a few mummy’s say that they had a Bosch blender at home and it has made their lives so much easier!

Otter Swim, the newest sponsor in the Baby Bash family, was teaching parents about the importance of water safety from a young age, especially in sunny Singapore! They gave out free swimming trial lessons and had other awesome promotions for parents who signed up at their booth during Baby Bash.

september baby bash

Wow, we loved all the exciting activities at our sponsors’ booths but by the time everyone had visited them all, everyone was getting mighty hungry! The mummys and daddys were all “oohs” and “aahs” when we unveiled the beautiful lunch spread from our food sponsor, Mum’s Kitchen. Time to dig in!

Throughout the event, our photobooth sponsor Dashen SG was helping mummys and daddys create some awesome memories with their adorable props.

We ended the day the same way we end every Baby Bash – awesome Lucky Draw prizes including a Bosch vacuum cleaner and two Nescafe dolce gusto coffee machines! Congrats to all the winners but we are always sad that some mummies and daddies don’t win a prize. That’s why we have awesome goodie bags for all the families worth over $200!!

We had such a great time with all our new friends, we can’t wait to meet more mummys and daddies. We hope to see you at the next Baby Bash event coming up on 2 December 2017!

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A big thanks to all our sponsors: Bosch, Nestlé, Bio Royale, GoFresh, Party Mojo, Four Cow Farm, Singapore Lactation Bakes, Mozzie Guard, The Dancing Oiler, Cetaphil Baby, Kodomo, Cute Seal, Dashen SG, Explorer Kids, BB Warehouse, PS Love, Bionike, Lilis & Weis, Otter Swim, Milkup Candy, Kidi Party, Tollyjoy, Bove at Spring Maternity, Keepsakes by Ryo, Bambini Photography, My Gym, Busy Tables, Offspring, Drypers, Cloversoft, Scotch Brite, and theAsianparent Community.

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