Senoko Fishery Port

Senoko Fishery Port

Fishes are traditional Chinese symbols of wealth and prosperity. Do be prepared to shell out more dollars for them during this festive Lunar New Year period.

Senoko Fishery port

Visit the Senoko Fishery port

Price hike for fish

With the Lunar New Year around the corner, wet market prices of fish usually go up by 20 to 30 percent.

Fish mongers say prices of grouper and pomfret have more than doubled to about S$30 a kilo. However, they are quick to deny any speculations of price-fixing.

Fish mongers say the sharp hike is due to greater demand over the festive period, coupled with a smaller supply of seafood.

Some fish mongers are reporting a drop of up to 30 per cent in their fish stocks, saying rough seas are to blame.

“When there are big waves, they overwhelm the smaller fishing boats so their catch is smaller,” explained Woo Chee Meng, a fish monger. “And the bigger boats avoid going out to sea altogether because of the rough waters.

The cost price of beef has also gone up, but suppliers say they are not increasing their prices to stay competitive.

Stall holders at the Chinatown wet market say the erratic weather in many countries in the last few months has led to to a decrease in food supply.

As such, they say they have no choice but to increase prices.

Senoko Fishery Port
Some customers are turning elsewhere for better rates – such as the Senoko Fishery Port, where fish are sold at wholesale prices, almost 20 per cent cheaper than those at wet markets.

Members of public are allowed to enter the area once they’ve exchanged their identity card for an entry pass.

The Senoko Fishery Port will be open throughout the Lunar New Year.


Senoko Fishery Port
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Source: channelnewsasia, xinmsn

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