Mum carrying baby slashed by robber

Mum carrying baby slashed by robber

As safe as Singapore is, there is no harm knowing how to protect yourself. Read about how one man’s wife was attacked with a knife while she clung on to their baby and learn self protection tips for women in dangerous situations.

self protection Screen shot from Goh Johwyn's Facebook page

Read Goh Johwyn’s detailed account that he posted on Facebook:

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23rd of April, around 7.15pm, my wife brought my daughter out to get some books for my daughter in Taipan, after she came out from bigbook shop, as she's walking towards her car, she was stopped by one guy. This guy place a knife on her neck, asking her "jangan jerit" [Don’t scream]

This guy then came in front of her and asking her to give him the hand phone that my wife is holding. Because she's carrying my daughter in her arms, she didn't fight back nor run, she handed the phone to him immediately.

Few seconds later, this guy told my wife to hand over my daughter to him, my wife instantly hold my daughter as close as possible to her chest and bend away from the guy. With the knife in his hand, he slashed my wife on her arms trying to hurt her and snatch my daughter. Someone saw the assault and shouted from afar, that's when the guy fled the scene with only her hand phone with him.

My wife suffered a few wounds around her arms and neck, 8 stitches in total and thank god she's fine now and also my baby daughter. My baby is unharmed. Guys, please be extra careful when you have kids with you, be extra vigilant, this society is getting worse...


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Five tips for self protection in potentially dangerous situations

In an elevator

Scenario: You’re in alone in a lift late at night, going back to your high-rise flat or condo and a suspicious looking man is making you very uneasy. What do you do?

Self protection tip: Don’t be shy, press all the buttons so that you stop on every floor until you reach the level you need to be at. The potential attacker will not dare to touch you if the lift stops on every floor.

Attacked in your own house

Scenario: An attacker/robber follows you into your home when you’re alone. What do you do?

Self protection tip: Run to your kitchen. You know your kitchen best. Grab a knife, pan, plates, chilli powder and other deadly utensils that can be used as weapons. Scream, break plate, bang on pots and pans—noise is your robber or molester’s biggest enemy. 

Taxi cab by night

Scenario: You’re in a cab and the cab driver seems sleazy and untrustworthy. Here is what you should do…

Self protection tip: Before getting into any cab at night, note the license plate number down. Also, look at the cab driver’s details at the front of the cab. Then, pick up your phone and call a friend or family member and tell them the taxi drivers details, tell them where you are headed and what time you’re expected to arrive.

Ensure you’re speaking in a language that the cab driver understands. If you can’t get anyone—fret not. Pretend you’re telling someone all this info anyway. Knowing that someone has all his details and is expecting your arrival—he will likely take you home without attempting anything dodgy.

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Cab driver takes you somewhere unknown

Scenario: It’s pitch black outside, and your cab driver has deliberately taken the wrong turn. Now you are driving down an unknown and deserted road and you feel threatened! Self protection tip: Use what is on you as a weapon. The handle of your handbag can be used—throw it around his neck and tug back. This action will choke him helpless. If you don’t have a handbag, pull his collar back and choke him—that will do the trick too.

Late night stalker

Scenario: You’re walking on a deserted street with no one in sight and a stranger is following you. He is soon catching up and you know that he is up to no good.

Self protection tip: Walk into a shop or a house and ask for help. If all shops are closed, duck into an ATM box where there are CCTVs or, if you’re lucky, a security guard.

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The most important self protection tip is to be aware and alert at all times, don’t play games on your smart phone or be too engrossed reading messages. Pay attention to what is happening around you—lurkers maybe just awaiting the opportune time to attack!

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