See how a baby 'incompatible with life' will make you cherish your babies more!

See how a baby 'incompatible with life' will make you cherish your babies more!

There's a saying that goes "No parent should ever bury their child." And most parents would agree that it's unthinkable for them to experience the loss of a child.

Changing diapers, late nights, and nonstop crying; all new parents go through with these things, and sometimes they feel like they just want a break. But for Hayley Rice and Kevin Martin, they’ll gladly go through all these things and even more just to have their daughter back.

“We kept holding on to a bit of hope”

Hayley and Kevin were both surprised to learn that they were going to have another child. According to Hayley, “We hadn’t planned to have a baby, but when I found out I was pregnant in August last year it was a lovely surprise.”

incompatible with life

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Their happiness would be short-lived, as during one of the routine scans, doctors found out that there was a problem with Sydney’s development. The doctors did a test, and they found out that Sydney had Edwards’ Syndrome.

“The words the consultant used were that Sydney was ‘incompatible with life’ – it was a shock to hear.” Hayley said. She adds,“Every time we went for a scan Sydney was growing and thriving, and we kept holding on to a bit of hope.”

Her family wanted to spend more time with her

Deep down in their hearts, both Hayley and Kevin knew that the chances of Sydney’s survival after being born were very slim, and they agreed that they wanted to spend time with her; to hold and to love her. They also said that they didn’t want to hook up Sydney to a machine in the ICU, not being able to touch her.

Sydney was born on her dad’s birthday, but sadly she died just an hour after she was born. Her family decided to spend some time with her, until a midwife told them about Remember My Baby, a charity of professional photographers that seek to help grieving parents by giving them a remembrance of their child.

incompatible with life

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Remembering Sydney

Nicky Heppenstall, the photographer who took the photos of Sydney and her family said that: “It was quite a poignant session – to be part of making special memories is a privilege.”

incompatible with life

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The charity has been in existence for a little over two years, and they have since provided comfort to hundreds of grieving families by providing a keepsake that they can treasure for the rest of their lives.

Co-founder and volunteer Cheryl Johnson has this to say about the photos:  “It’s what keeps them going – they don’t get to take their baby home, so it’s all they’ve got left. It’s not for everyone, but when you hear the positive responses from the parents you help you know it’s the right thing. It’s so rewarding – we really are making a difference for these parents.”

Charities such as Remember My Baby are very important, as for parents who have lost a child don’t really get over their loss. However, through the help of these charities, they’ll have happier memories to remind them of their loved ones.

Cherish every moment

Stories like these teach us to value every moment that we have with our loved ones. We’re sure that Hayley and Kevin would do anything just to spend a little more time with little Sydney. Every single moment that we can spend with our family is a gift, and we should always make the most of those moments, since we never know what’s going to happen tomorrow.

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