Science enrichment classes in Singapore

Science enrichment classes in Singapore

Is your child struggling in the subject of science in school? Perhaps it's time to consider signing him up for a science enrichment class. We check out the different science enrichment classes in Singapore and how they can benefit your child.

A Singaporean child’s weekly timetable usually includes several enrichment classes. To add to the already popular maths and English enrichment classes, more parents are turning to science enrichment classes to give their child a boost in the competitive education system, which can result in less proficient students lagging behind in class.

Science enrichment classes in Singapore

Parents can choose from two main types of science enrichment classes in Singapore for their kids. One is more in the vein of weekly tuition classes than the other and will help your child not only understand but master the numerous concepts and formulas in the primary school science syllabus.

The more popular centres that offer these types of science enrichment classes in Singapore are:

  • Science Buddies
    With an emphasis on inquiry-based learning, Science Buddies focus on a three ‘E’ approach to teaching and learning. The three ‘E’s engage a student’s interest in the subject and sustains it through conducting experiments and hands on learning. Yet exam prepapration is not neglected as this programme is complementary to the MOE syllabus. This three pronged approach has proved successful for its students and comes highly recommended in parenting forums.
  • Smart Science Lab
    What stands out about Smart Science Lab is that it offers a headstart Science programme just for pre-primary children (K1 and K2). This specialised programme allows young learners to get the fundamentals of Science. The programmes are packed with fun, yet practical activities that enhance a child’s creativity, allowing him or her to pick up big science terminologies – cultivating a great interest in learning and instilling good morals, team work and self confidence in them.
Science enrichment classes in singapore

Have you ever considered holiday enrichment classes? Find out what all it entails!

Holiday enrichment

These science enrichment classes in Singapore include science camps or specialised courses. The main thing about these classes is that they are usually short and intensive.

For example, the science camps during the school holidays which can span three to four days from nine in the morning up to six in the evening.

Some of the more popular science enrichment classes in Singapore for the holidays include the courses conducted by the Science Centre that explore topics in physics, chemistry, food science, robotics and the environment. These courses take the form of lecture demonstrations and practical lab demonstrations.

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Whatever you decide for your child, these science enrichment classes in Singapore are guaranteed to inculcate a love for science and promise moments of fun with science. Is your child attending any science enrichment classes in Singapore? If so, which science enrichment classes in Singapore would you recommend to others?

For more on why science is really important in your child’s life, watch this video:

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