6 Mind-blowing things to look forward to at Science Centre Singapore this school holidays

6 Mind-blowing things to look forward to at Science Centre Singapore this school holidays

Having trouble finding new and exciting activities for the kids this school holidays? Put Science Centre Singapore on top of the list and check out these awesome attractions!

School holidays have started! We know this is the time of year that parents are scrambling to find things to do with the kids to keep them occupied.

Guess what? You can keep your kids occupied for the whole month of December at Science Centre Singapore!

Science centre Singapore

Science Centre Singapore has NEW exhibitions and even more fun activities that the kids can look forward to.

The Science Centre is turning 40 this December.

There is no better way to celebrate than with their Fabulous 40 Treat bundle deal which allows visitors to visit the new exhibitions plus one more attraction (Butterflies Up-Close, Omni-Theatre and Snow City) from as low as $22!

Check out these new exhibitions at Science Centre Singapore that both you and your kids will love:

1. Phobia2: Science of Fear

Science Centre Singapore

Are your kids scared of the dark? Or maybe they might be scared of spiders? Phobia2: The Science of Fear gets you and the kids to face your fears in a controlled low-level anxiety exhibition.

Science Centre Singapore

Get up close and personal with your fears, from its historical and cultural significance, to its psychology and physiology and how it affects your daily lives.

Discover the depths of ‘Taphophobia’, the fear of being buried alive (and learn the true meaning behind the phrase ‘saved by the bell’). Or find out why you and the kids get nightmares…

Either way, this exhibition is sure to leave the whole family with a bit of an adrenaline rush!

For something a little more calming, but still engaging, visit one of these attractions:

2. Dialogue with Time: Embrace Ageing

Science Centre Singapore

Science Centre Singapore (SCS) and the Ministry of Health have collaborated to bring guests through their interactive exhibition, Dialogue with Time – Embrace Ageing.

The all-new interactive exhibition brings attention to a natural process -- ageing. Through dialogues with the senior guides and hands-on experiences on how our senses may be like at old age, this exhibition promises to set you thinking.

In addition, learn about how cell repair becomes less effective with age and how ageing affects the bones, joints, muscles and blood pressure.

Want to see what you and the kids will look like in years to come? Check out the super cool Ageing Booth to see what older YOU will look like.

This is also the first fully-guided exhibition by Science Centre Singapore facilitated by 32 senior guides aged between 65 and 85 years old.

3. Circus! Science Under the Big Top

Science Centre Singapore

Have you ever brought the kids to the circus only for them to ask you how all the tricks and stunts are done? Well, Circus! Science Under the Big Top unravels the “secrets” behind popular circus acts.

Visitors to the exhibition will be able to fully immerse themselves in the 19 interactive exhibits and experience the magic of science circus.

Science Centre Singapore

Do not miss exhibition highlights such as Elastic Acrobatics, The High Wire, Balance Bar, the Contortionist, the Sword Swallower, Feats of Strength and more.

The next time your kids visit a circus, they will be able to truly appreciate the science behind those acts!

4. Butterflies Up-Close

Science Centre Singapore

Butterflies Up-Close invites the whole family to experience the fascinating transformation of a butterfly from an egg to a beautiful winged adult inside Singapore’s first indoor butterfly sanctuary.

Did you know? Only about 1 in 20 butterfly eggs makes it to adulthood? Gain deeper insight into how butterflies behave, interact with their surroundings and survive.

Catch our free guided tour and let our guides share more interesting facts about the butterflies and other insects with you.

Plus, you can get your kids to memorise the colours and shapes of the butterfly wings and see if they can identify these beautiful fragile creatures when they spot one in the future.

5. Omni Theatre - Aurora (Digital Movie)

Science Centre Singapore

Spend the school holidays by taking the kids to catch a glimpse of Mother Nature’s beautiful celestial light show, the Aurora, right here in Singapore! Now you can when catch Omni-Theatre’s latest movie, Aurora: Lights of Wonders.

It will be an educational experience for the whole family as you journey through the digital movie to catch the elusive appearance of these beautiful dancing lights.

Learn the science behind the aurora borealis (the Northern Lights) and the aurora australis (the Southern Lights). Walk away knowing more about auroral colours, substorm, mythology and more!

6. Snow City

Science Centre Singapore

Finally, what’s the year-end without a little festive cheer? Get your kids bundled up in their winter wear and hop on board the Arctic Express!

Join the Chipsleys on an adventure to the North Pole! Fill your Chipsley passport up by visiting famous landmarks ‘around the world’.

Your adventure starts in Singapore before you make your way to Scotland, Norway, Egypt, Finland and the North Pole!

Bonus! Catch Santa in the North Pole and join in carolling sessions during the Christmas weekend.

There is just so much to be learnt at Science Centre Singapore. Parents, you will absolutely love the edutainment value for your kids and you will be able to enjoy yourselves too.

Pro parent tip: Enjoy savings with the Fabulous 40 Treats and enjoy the new exhibitions plus one more attraction from as low as S$22.

Head to Science Centre Singapore now and celebrate SCS’ Fabulous 40 while enjoying these amazing attractions.

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