Schoolgirls injured after 80-year-old driver pressed accelerator instead of brake

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The impact left the girls with broken arms, legs, ankles, fractured hips, soft tissue injury, and facial cuts

Five school girls in Liverpool had just finished school for the day, but instead of having the rest of their day at home resting, they found themselves instead in a mishap that wasn’t even their fault to begin with.

The five girls, aged 11-15, whose names the police chose not to disclose, was walking outside their Academy when a yellow car appeared out of nowhere and headed directly at them.

When they noticed the oncoming vehicle, it was too late. It ploughed into them, and the next thing they knew they were on the ground. The impact left the girls with broken arms, legs, ankles, fractured hips, soft tissue injury, and facial cuts.

“Police, fire and ambulance services raced to the scene and passers-by and school staff rushed to help the casualties some of whom were feared to be critically injured,” reports said.

The driver behind the wheel was an 80-year-old pensioner who had lost control of her automatic vehicle. It mounted the curb and drove the length of three coaches on the curb colliding with school children in the process.”

Instead of pressing the break, the woman pressed the accelerator and her car travelled over a central island and down the side of three stationary buses.

“The vehicle is funneled by the buses and the wall, and with the vehicle travelling along the curb and still out of control she collides with the children before coming to a rest.”

She was leaving the exit at a give way junction but was struggling with the view due to parked cars.

Left shocked by the accident, the 80-year-old woman was not found to have taken any drugs or alcohol. She was checked at the scene but did not need hospital treatment.

There was also no suggestion that there were any engineering issues with the yellow Peugeot that contributed to the collision.

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James Martinez