What is your child’s dream job?

What is your child’s dream job?

Fuel your little one’s ambition as they try over 60 careers at KidZania Singapore!

Mums, how do you cultivate curiosity and ambition in your children during the school holidays? Children have an innate sense of wonder about the world around them and it is important to boost their imagination and to encourage ambition in them, as this will help them decide what they want to be when they grow up.

We speak from experience when we tell you that a great way of fuelling this ambition and curiosity is through imagination and role-play, by giving them exposure to real-life situations.

school holidays events

Learning doesn’t stop this school holidays at KidZania Singapore.

Are you ready to role-play during the school holidays events at KidZania Singapore?

Role-play and imagination are important aspects of a child’s development. In fact, role-play seems to be embedded in the DNA of kids – we doubt there is any kid out there who has not put on fairy wings or a superhero cape, insisting that they are not an ordinary child but one with magical powers!

When kids are given the opportunity to role-play different scenarios and occupations, it builds their confidence and understanding of real-world situations. This better understanding of the world around them helps them develop empathy towards their peers and other people that they interact with.

At KidZania Singapore, kids learn values, life-skills and gain knowledge through role-playing and the school holidays events are a great time to visit KidZania Singapore!

While playing with their friends, kids will often act out professions that are familiar to them like being a teacher or a doctor. Wouldn’t it be awesome if you could help them stretch their imagination by exposing them to a myriad of other amazing professions, all within one awesome kid-sized City?

KidZania Singapore is exactly that magical-sounding place. From firefighters to pilots, from policemen to radio DJs, KidZania Singapore is a place run (almost) completely for kids, by kids.

Just like in the real world, kids earn kidZos, the official currency of KidZania, for every job they do. Kids can use kidZos to purchase goods and services, so the more they earn, the more they can play!

Over 60 professions to choose from!

At KidZania Singapore, children are given the opportunity to explore their ambitions and try over 60 different careers! We think one of the coolest things about KidZania is that it teaches kids that there are so many possibilities for what they can be in the future. Here, kids have the freedom to be whatever they want to be!

Here are a few of the unique role-plays that kids can try:

1. Give the gift of clear vision!

school holidays events

Check out these little ones learning about optometry! It’s a great way to spend your school holidays events!

With many kids in Singapore wearing glasses1, they’ll definitely be interested to find out more about optometry and how to take care of their eyes.

At the Optical Shop, kids can learn to become an Optometry Consultant! As an optometry consultant, kids will learn about common vision problems like short-sightedness and astigmatism, a common vision problem where the eye distorts images due to how it perceives light.

Blur vision no more! Conduct eye tests for your customers and learn more about short-sightedness and astigmatism. Help them select the correct frame sizes and shapes once you have conducted their eye test. A valid eye test is required for driving school and driving streets.

After that, they will conduct eye tests on customers and then help those customers choose the best frame sizes and shapes. After they complete the role-play, they will be certified as a licensed optometrist (in the City that is!).

This role-play will give kids a new perspective when they visit their ophthalmologist’s office. During their next eye checkup, encourage them to ask the doctor questions based on their experience at KidZania Singapore!

Did you know that you need an eye test before you can drive in the city? It’s just like real life!

2. Keep the City movin’!

school holidays events

Wow! Your little one can even get their driver’s license and learn how to drive at KidZania Singapore

At the Petrol Station, kids learn all about what keeps the city running. As an Assistant Petrol Station Manager, you’ll learn about different types of fuel.

What children also learn is that without the Petrol Station, the whole City would grind to a halt so you need to use the right fuel to keep the cars on the move and the city running smoothly.

Hopefully, the next time the petrol station assistant is filling up their parents’ car at a petrol station, they will appreciate and thank him for his help.

3. Let them have their moment in the spotlight

school holidays events

Have you ever dreamed of being a DJ? It’s one of many role-play activities your little ones can try this school holiday at KidZania Singapore

Another set of activities that kids love are the media-related ones. They can role-play as a Presenter at the Radio Station where kids get to record their own show using real DJ equipment (and you can even download the show later to listen to what your kids have produced!).

Kids also get excited about learning photography tips on real DSLR cameras so that they can work as a Photojournalist. It’s the perfect activity for your budding journalist!

Each of these jobs teaches the kids the value of hard work and money.  Just like any other city, KidZania has its own economy. Kids start the day with 20 kidZos in cash and another 30 kidZos on a debit card so they need to make a plan for what they want to do during the day. Depending on the activities they choose, kids will either earn or spend their kidZos.

Some of the awesome activities kids will want to try, such as wall climbing, making ice cream or candy and others require them to spend their kidZos. This teaches kids to make a budget through play! Any time they want to do an activity that costs kidZos, they have to look at what they have and whether they have enough kidZos or need to go out and earn some more!

For example, role-playing as a First Officer at the Aviation Academy earns you 10 kidZos. Kids can even learn to drive in KidZania, a useful skill that will cost them 6 kidZos as well as the cost of the eye exam.

What can kids do when they want to earn more kidZos? They have a lot of options: for example, they can learn about dentistry,  and lend a helping hand at the hospital, among others. Simply look out for the census board displayed outside each role-play establishment which will display the amount of kidZos kids will earn or need to spend for this activity.

school holidays events

Try your hand at being a dentist and learn about good oral hygiene

Without having mum and dad by their side to bail them out, kids have to be resourceful and use their kidZos wisely so that they don’t run out of them!

This gives a lot of kids their first experience managing money and also learning the value of money that they have earned. At the end of their day, they can keep their kidZos for their next visit or spend them on cool souvenirs from the gift shop!

Tips for Parents Visiting KidZania Singapore

  1. Get there as early as you can (during peak seasons, there may be a queue formed before 10 am) and plan to be there for the entire day. My daughter has been twice to KidZania but she’s still begging to go again because there are many activities she didn’t have time to try. To save time, get your kids to plan out the activities they wish to do for the day by checking out https://kidzania.com.sg/kids-activities/
  2. Longer wait time is expected during the peak holiday periods, so you may want to consider visiting in January or February when it’s a little quieter, even on weekends, so your kids won’t have to spend too much time waiting for popular activities.
  3. Queue cards are distributed at popular establishments such as Aviation Academy and Candy Shop. Tell your little one to get a queue card first when they get to the city (if it’s something they want to do).
  4. With 20 kidZos in hand, kids can start role-playing immediately. They can always activate their bank cards later, as the queue at the Bank can be long at the beginning or end of the day.
  5. Although parents are not allowed to queue up for activities for their kids, you can scout around and see which activities have longer and shorter queues to help your little Kal fit more into their day. There are also selected role-play activities which parents can participate together with their kids! Look out for the ‘Parents Welcome’ sign on the census board displayed outside each establishment.

For other handy tips, you can visit https://kidzania.com.sg/visitors-guide-to-kidzania-singapore/

School holidays events at KidZania Singapore

school holidays events

Using VR Technology to showcase the importance of Health Check to families.

There’s no better time to start making a list of fun and educational activities to do with the kids while they are off school. From now until 10 December, KidZania Singapore brings you KidZ & Health where kids can pick up handy health tips through a mix of activities, games and booths, and learn what it means to live a healthy lifestyle! 

From virtual reality experience, free health checks and talks, earning extra kidZos at selected establishments, to redeeming free gifts upon completion of the activity card!


school holidays events

Learn health tips and good habits at KidZ & Health activity booth and earn free gifts upon completion of your activity card!


What’s more, there is a school holiday walk-in promotion right now! Enjoy a special gift from KidZania Singapore when you purchase tickets at the ticketing counters! From now until 31 December 2017, simply quote <KZAP50> at the ticketing counters to receive a special gift! Plus enjoy the following discounts:

– Get 50% off 1 Adult ticket when you purchase 1 Kid ticket

– Top up $19 per Kid or Adult Ticket to enjoy a 2nd visit between 1 January  to 15 February 2018

Visit the KidZania website for more information!



1Singapore has one of the highest rates of myopia in the world – approximately seven in 10 teenagers have the condition (www.straitstimes.com/singapore/health/myopia-at-young-age-carries-risk-later)


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