Scented candles can be bad for your health

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Indoor pollution and a possible negative impact on health during pregnancy are just some of the not-so-nice repercussions of scented candles, air fresheners and incense...

Who doesn’t love the warm fragrance of cinnamon-apple, lemongrass or rose wafting through their homes at the end of a long day?

These delicious fragrances are often achieved through scented candles, incense and/or air fresheners by many families to make their homes smell lovely.

As a mum, I mostly use scented candles to help me unwind at the end of a long day, or to make my home smell gorgeous when I have guests over.

But I got rather alarmed after finding out just how bad scented candles as well as incense and air fresheners can be for our health.

Indoor air pollution and more

The danger of these sweet-smelling products lies in the chemicals contained in the fragrance and wax they use, as pointed out by both Woman’s Day and The Daily Mail

Some researchers even feel that long-term use of scented candles, “might lead to asthma, lung damage, or — in extreme cases — even cancer.”

Indoor air pollution is also a negative by-product of some scented candles. A study conducted by the Environmental Protection Authority, USA found that candles with more fragrance in them produce more soot.

Moreover, “possible organic compounds in candles that might be linked to increase cancer risk”; however, that information is yet inconclusive.

Can scented candles and air fresheners affect a pregnant woman? Keep reading on the next page. 

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