4 Genius Hacks to Save Money on​ ​​Diapers in Singapore!

4 Genius Hacks to Save Money on​ ​​Diapers in Singapore!

Worried you are spending too much on baby diapers? Here are some great ways parents can save money on diapers in Singapore!

As much as the joy awaits to hold your little baby on your hand, future expenses too creeps in your mind even before their very first day in this world.

The pinch is real because newborns require full attention and we, as parents would love to give the best to them. Parents choose the best formula milk, most stylish baby clothes and provide the best environment to raise them.

For Singaporeans, these can become a costly affair. Especially the diapers- which will end up in the trash bin on a daily basis. So, is it worth after all? Since, it is also a crucial part of baby grooming, the smartest decision is to consider all possible ways to save and choose the right place and time to make those purchases.

Talking about a great destination to shop and travel -Malaysia is the venue to appreciate our currency exchange rate and its close distance. Knowing it's going to be much cheaper, why not we get a little bit more savvy by shopping like a Malaysian parent?

Here we have gathered the best ways to spend on your diapers budget so that ​it’s ​all ​worth ​it.

Plan​ ​A​ ​Trip​ ​Ahead​ ​And​ ​Wake​ ​Up​ ​Early​ ​For​ ​Baby​ ​Fair 

4 Genius Hacks to Save Money on​ ​​Diapers in Singapore!

Best place to get diapers is obviously at baby fairs which are organised nationwide. As various brands come under one roof, parents get to choose different types of diapers and bring back those free samples at all sizes because you know that your little one is constantly growing.

At fairs like this, parents who come earlier will usually enjoy discounts up to 10% from the total bill. Sometimes, you can come across attractive package deals for bulk purchases too! Make sure to set the alarm earlier to be the first in line.

Also, most baby fairs are done in the shopping malls, here ​you ​may ​spot ​other ​baby ​items ​to ​purchase ​at ​cheaper ​rate ​compared ​to ​SGD.

For ​your ​information

In case you can't make it to a Malaysian baby fair, check out the Baby Fair happening in Singapore soon:

The Cute Washable Diapers is a Long Term Investment

4 Genius Hacks to Save Money on​ ​​Diapers in Singapore!

Anything that is recyclable is always a bonus in the wallet. As a disposable diaper is a bi-weekly or a monthly recurring expense, opting for a reusable diaper can last you for years as their size is adjustable.

This may take you a step back to old school napkin time but current technology comes with easy to wear-waterproof pants with washable napkin lining.

So, why don’t we get a little savvy yet funky with cool washable diapers made available at online retailers such as Lazada that gives 60% discount and Motherhood’s nappy liner deal for cloth diapers?

The idea of this washable diapers may not only save you a penny in the long run but also comfort baby’s skin during their ​sleep.

E-coupon​ ​Deals​ ​Save​ ​More​ ​Than​ ​Supermarket​ ​Price 

Often times diaper brands as well as retailers will come up with special deals for shoppers online. Usually these deals can be found at platforms that share online coupon codes and savings deals.

4 Genius Hacks to Save Money on​ ​​Diapers in Singapore!

So, let’s make it a habit to compare the price tags of the diaper brand between the physical store and online outlets. When a normal packet of diapers cost around RM 60, these online codes will make you spend lesser than its original price.

For example, the deals can be as good as Motherhood’s RM 89 for pack of 3. Additionally, get 2% cash back from MumsSG on diapers or fly them directly from 11th street by applying online code to enjoy an average 40% discount from your total bill and save way more than we can expect.

For your information, 11th Street is a Malaysian based online retailer that ships their items at zero cost and this includes to our doorsteps at Singapore. Can you imagine already the total amount we could save when online ​shopping ​in ​Ringgit?

Flash​ ​Deals​ ​Are​ ​Awesome​ ​for​ ​Bulk​ ​Purchases​ ​in​ ​Ringgit 

Buying in bulk ideally saves some money yet the amount saved will make a huge difference when purchased during flash deals.

4 Genius Hacks to Save Money on​ ​​Diapers in Singapore!

For instance, 10% of saving on a normal bulk purchase can be maximised up to 50% when choosing to buy during this special sale hours at online shops.

Usually, multiple online retailers participate in such sales events. For example, Lazada participates during online revolution sales which happens on 11.11 & 12.12 every year and gives storewide offers including baby products.

Another huge sales season to look forward is Black Friday that falls on 24th November this year. This is a global e-commerce campaign where many online retailers participate in this event with store wide promotions across all product categories.

On Black-Friday.Sale, for example, you can check and compare deals from major online shops offered during the day. Sometimes, few e-shops runs the promotions longer than usual business hours to give the best for their customers. So, make sure to keep up to date.

Whereas, MyCyberSale is an exclusive e-commerce sale that is supported by the government that happens throughout Malaysian e-commerce arena. It offers store wide discounts for participating online retailers from 9th to 13th October just like other sales periods.

For Singaporeans, this can be an additional online sales that we get to leverage on when making bulk purchases for baby diapers online.

With our affordable currency rate and additional deals, we, Singaporeans too can afford to bulk purchase international brands with promotions such as AppleCrumbyAndFish’s discount on chlorine-free diaper during this online sales period.

It is always good to browse for information and stay up to date with its flash deals countdown to ​not ​miss ​out ​anymore ​great ​savings ​on ​diapers.

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