Santa Claus the Musical: Review

Santa Claus the Musical: Review

'Santa Claus the Musical' has made its way into the MasterCard Theatre at Marina Bay Sands and is currently running till the end of December. Read the review to find out why it's worth watching...

Santa Claus the Musical: ReviewChristmas has come early for Singapore as the multi-million dollar production; ‘Santa Claus the Musical’ has made its way into the MasterCard theatre at Marina Bay Sands. There is no need to wait till Christmas to feel the festive mood since this lavish production straight from the UK has decided to drop by Singapore. Premiering in Singapore on the 14th of December, this musical will run till the 30th  of December. The tickets are priced rather reasonably ranging from $35 to $175.


This exuberant production tells the story of how the Ice Queen attempts to cancel Christmas after she does not receive an invite to Santa Claus’ party. The storyline is very simple and follows the battle between Santa Claus and his chief elf, Joe against the scheming Ice Queen. The musical features a whole host of other classic Christmas characters as well from Rudolph the Reindeer and Jack Frost to dancing penguins and polar bears. The writers have also managed to cleverly weave classic Christmas songs into the plot.

Good points about the musical

Designed to be a family friendly treat during the Christmas season, the musical certainly accomplishes its goal. Children would be able to easily follow the simple plot while the story is engaging enough to captivate the adults as well. The highly talented cast regularly break into song and dance delivering energetic performances comprising of a wide variety of dances from ballet to tap dancing. Special mention must be accorded to the highly charismatic chief elf Joe and the comical and flamboyant Ice Queen who manages to make her villainous character rather affable. Apart from the classic Christmas songs such as ‘Santa Claus is coming to town’, the musical also features a whole host of lesser known but equally catchy Christmas songs as well as some original compositions. There is a good range of songs used in the musical ranging from fast and up-tempo numbers to emotional ballads. The light hearted musical also surprisingly features a rather romantic story between two of the characters. The show contains many humorous moments as well sure to elicit at least a chuckle from you regardless of your age. The sets and costumes are a visual spectacle and the choreography is first class.

Recommended for the whole family

Highly suitable for the whole family, it is very likely your kids will love this musical. Judging from the audience reaction, kids would be especially thrilled by the singing reindeers and crows as well as the dancing polar bears and comical penguins. Even the main villain, the Ice Queen manages to appear more comical rather than sinister. The lavish production, together with its colourful sets, entertaining choreography and feel good and humorous storyline with a touch of romance will be able to engage mum and dad as well. In summary, this festive musical is a delightful treat for the whole family.

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Santa Claus the Musical: Review

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