Sandra Ng is Not Pregnant!

Sandra Ng is Not Pregnant!

Rumour circulates around that HK Starlet Sandra Ng is pregnant!

There has been a rumour passing around that 45-year old Hong Kong actress, Sandra Ng, is pregnant and that's the reason she pulled out of Kam Kwok Leung's upcoming film "Love Island" two days before production was supposed to begin.  However, that's untrue.

The starlet recently clarified with reporters that "Every time I turn down job offers, these rumours would pop up without fail." Sandra went on to explain that she passed up on those offers as her life-partner Peter Chan was very busy at the moment and they both decided that it's best that both were not too caught up in work so as not to neglect their four-year-old daughter.

While she's not pregnant right now, the couple still hopes for a second child and Sandra is said to have been taking tonics regularly to maintain her health.

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