Safety tips for kid's room

Safety tips for kid's room

Your child's room should be a safe space to sleep, play, and study. Learn tips for decorating that take safety issues into serious consideration.

What sort of material is the most ideal, especially with regards to safety and allergies when when creating a child’s room?

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Your child's room should be a safe space to sleep, play, and study. Safe and durable natural wood furniture with less toxic surface finishing would be ideal.

Choose low-voc latex paints for the child’s room as they emit low amounts of fumes and are less toxic. Water based urethane finishing is less toxic and less flammable than polyurethane (PU Paint). Apply to furniture, floor and wall finishing for that added finish.

We would strongly encourage the use of fabric in a child's room. It is an inexpensive way to dress up an otherwise plain looking room.

Use children-friendly fabrics or materials with 100% cotton to provide the lasting comfort. 100% cotton fabrics are also light and durable especially when treated with stain-resistant coating if possible.

It is important to be aware if your child suffers from allergies such as allergy to certain materials or allergy to dust, as some fabrics are difficult to remove dust from.

Pay more attention to your selection of the interior material. Choose those that do not induce the possibilities of an allergic reaction in your child.

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