Toddlers drugged, sexually and physically abused at a leading preschool

Toddlers drugged, sexually and physically abused at a leading preschool

The RYB education abuse scandal is shocking parents all over the world. According to reports, children were drugged and abused by teachers.

Recently, parents of children who were enrolled at one of the preschools of RYB education, China, got the shock of their lives. Their children were being drugged, poked with needles, and some were even sexually abused. The RYB education abuse scandal caused an uproar, mainly because even the teachers were involved. I hope there is a special place in hell for people like these. 

The RYB Education abuse scandal

RYB Education Inc is one of the leading chains of kindergartens in China. At the RYB Education New World kindergarten, Chaoyang district, the local daily caused an uproar when it declared that it was investigating the biggest scandals in the history of scandals. Children attending this preschool were allegedly been drugged, poked with needles, and a few were even abused sexually.

And this was a rude shock to the parents who were not expecting anything of this sort. According to, as of Wednesday, 8 parents have reported abuse to the police, but I suspect there are many more, as the stories these children tell are just shocking!

The report further describes parents in a state of bewilderment. One of the mums found a white pill on her child. When asked what it was, the child told her that the children were made to take the pill to make them fall asleep. Another child described a 'grandpa' and an 'uncle' who used to perform 'check-ups' on children. However, the uncle and the children were often undressed.

Yet another parent found needle marks on the child. Another father was told that his son was abused by a doctor during a routine medical examination. However, apparently, a discussion about this has been censored, and searches on Weibo are inaccessible. That said, police are investigating the RYB Education abuse scandal and have detained a 22-year-old female teacher on the suspicions of abuse.

This is not the first time, though

According to reports, this is not the first time something like the RYB Education abuse scandal took place. In 2015, 2 teachers were found guilty by a court in Jilin province of physically abusing children. These teachers used needles and intimidation to abuse children. This time, the kindergarten in question was the one in the city of Siping. 

Can this be prevented?

Parents who send their children to other carers always have this fear. And it is so difficult to stop something like this happening to your child. However, you need to remember that an abuser, especially at an establishment like this works with others, and his intent is to continue abusing. 

So he will establish a pattern to make your child think that whatever he is doing is normal. In this case, it was routine drugging and medical checkups. Pills and checkups feel harmless enough for the innocent minds of children. And progressively, he keeps on taking advantage of children. And when he does, he puts a fear in the mind of the child so that this act is never exposed. 

The best defence against this is to talk to your child. But even before that, you need to establish trust with your child. Let them know that whatever happens, they cannot keep a secret from you till they are old enough to understand the world. When your child is back from preschool, spend some time talking about the day. Enquire his sleep and food patterns. 

While giving your child a bath, examine him for any bruises or marks of abuse. And, teach your child alarm areas. If someone touches him on the chest, mouth, genitals or buttocks, it is not right. So, if someone does that, he has to tell it to you. And you have to assure him that he is safe with you. Because this is the only way you can stop a calamity from happening. 

(Sources:, Reuters)

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