You need more than the right methods to train children – Singapore mums talk about right brain training

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As the popularity of right brain training continues to rise, here’s what three Singapore families had to say about their experience.

Right brain training has become so popular in Singapore that even mums with tots as young as 6 months old are flocking to a centre to try it out. Why are they doing so?

Well, experts say that unlocking the learning potential in the right side of the brain can improve logical thinking, enabling your kid to digest and understand information more efficiently.

That’s a lot for a little mind to take on but the effects have been so astounding that parents now see it as a necessary way to enhance their child’s life.

However, when three Singapore families shared their experience of right brain training with us, it became clear that parents are still looking for a nurturing environment for their children.

In general, parents believe it’s the comfort and inspiration from teachers and other pupils that leads their children to improve mentally, and get the most out of such programmes.

This is especially true for Kong Wee and Shuqin, parents to 1-year-old Shiya:

“We see progress in Shiya’s learning development… her teacher has shown great empathy and is patient and understanding towards Shiya.

“She shares different activities that parents can conduct at home too, during the weekly sharing with parents.”

Heguru method @ fusionopolis, right brain training

1-year-old Shiya studies right brain training with Heguru Method @ Fusionopolis

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