Award-winning right brain training for your preschooler at Heguru Education One KM and Sengkang

Award-winning right brain training for your preschooler at Heguru Education One KM and Sengkang

Will better use of our right brain help us develop better thinking skills? Find out what goes on during a right brain training class for preschool kids!

Right brain training

Looking for a right brain training enrichment class for your preschooler? Find out more about right brain classes at Heguru One KM and Sengkang…

The recent buzz around right brain training for preschool kids prompted me to ask myself: “What motivates parents to send their kids to these classes even before starting primary school? Isn’t this something that kids pick up naturally when they start school?”

Then came the invitation from Mr Kuah Eng Liang, Founder and Principal of Heguru Education Centre (One KM and Sengkang), to sit in a right brain training class for pre-schoolers.

I was thrilled at the opportunity to review the class, as I could finally find out what kids go through during the right brain training class and decide if I should jump right in and enrol my daughter (an active toddler who’s extremely curious about her surroundings).

All about Heguru

right brain training

Mr Kuah Eng Liang with Heguru Japan Founders, Mrs Ruiko Henmi and Mr Hirotada Henmi during opening of the Heguru Eunos Centre

The Heguru Education Centre is a renowned right brain training school which originates from Japan. Being an eager first-time dad, Eng Liang did his research on right brain development and training for kids when his wife was pregnant with their first child.

The Heguru right brain training method caught his attention, as he was amazed by the effectiveness of the programmes after seeing how smart and focused Heguru primary school students were.

Upon meeting the founders, Mr Hirotada Henmi and Mrs Ruiko Henmi in Japan in 2011, Eng Liang made the move to bring the Heguru right brain education method to Singapore in January 2013.

So, what exactly goes on during a right brain enrichment class for preschoolers at Heguru Eunos and Sengkang? Click on page 2 to find out…

Part 1: Class in session

right brain training

Kids going through an imaginative thinking session with Head Teacher Paige

The Heguru Preschool enrichment programmes are tailored to instill independence and discipline in 5- to 6-year-olds, and prepare them for primary school education.

Classes are conducted in 2 parts, with each segment focusing on different elements and activities. Part 1 of the class runs for 40 minutes, during which kids are exposed to multiple activities at bullet-train speed.

According to Eng Liang, lessons should be fast-paced and conducted by a teacher with a strong voice to effectively stimulate the right brain of the children.

The preschool class on that day was conducted by Head Teacher Paige and Teacher Jaye. With over 11 years’ experience in teaching right brain education to kids below 6 years old, Paige is a favourite with parents who send their children to their centre.

One parent I spoke to, Madam Marlene Gwee, told me that she chose to send her 4-year-old son, Gordon to Heguru Eunos Centre after hearing good reviews about the classes conducted by Paige. This is despite the fact that she stays quite a distance away from the centre.

The line-up of activities that the class of 4 kids went through during the first part of the session included photographic memory training, stimulation through high speed flashcards, training of number concepts through unique programmes, using of light hearted activities and catchy songs to inculcate good moral values, introducing foreign language and intuition games.

Click on the next page to find out what went on during the next half of the class.

Part 2: Right brain worksheets

right brain training

Children focused on completing the interesting and stimulating activities

In the second part of the session which ran for 30 minutes, the kids took their places around a low rectangular table to complete a series of activity sheets.

The set of sheets include puzzles, photographic memory games, and activities that test their linguistic, numeric and general knowledge skills. Each activity page had to be completed in 1 minute.

right brain training

One of the children in class completing a puzzle

While observing the kids, I noticed that a little boy, Louis who turns 6 this year, was able to complete the puzzles and games with ease – while the other kids were slightly slower with the worksheets.

I found out from Eng Liang later on that this could be due to longer exposure to right brain training as well as his diligent practice at home. As with everything else in life, the more practice one has in right brain training, the better one gets in completing the puzzles and games.

Parents have a role to play in right brain training too! Find out more on page 4…

Parents’ review

At the end of the class, the parents of each child sat-in for a review session with the teachers. Paige provided feedback for each parent on their child’s performance in class, and gave tips on how parents could get their child to practice the exercises at home.

Parents were also given the activity sheets that their child had completed in class for review, and another set of sheets to be completed at home before the next lesson.

Thoughts on right brain training

As a whole, I truly enjoyed my first experience in right brain training for kids. It was amazing to witness how simple activities and teaching techniques worked together to stimulate the functioning of the right brain.

I’m sure this will bring great rewards to kids, especially as they make their way through the education system in Singapore that is largely left-brain skewed.

If you’d like to find out more about the right brain training for your kids at Heguru, visit the website at or call 6346 4646.



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Heguru Education at One KM (this is the former Heguru centre at Eunos which has expanded and shifted to One KM with much bigger premises)

Address: 11 Tanjong Katong Road, #02-53, Singapore 437157.

Phone: 6346 4646


Heguru Education at Sengkang

Buangkok MRT Station, exit A.

Address: 10 Sengkang Central, #01-02, Singapore 545061.

Phone: 6686 6566

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