Learn more about HEGL (Heguru Method) — directly from its founders

Learn more about HEGL (Heguru Method) — directly from its founders

Mrs Ruiko Henmi and Mr Hirotada Henmi talk about the revolutionary education system they founded.

Heguru Method

The Heguru Method helps your child reach his or her full learning potential

The Heguru Method (as it is known in Singapore) first originated in Japan as HEGL (Henmi Educational General Laboratory) in 2000. It is now immensely popular in Singapore as well as other parts of the world.

This method of early childhood education is unique because it focuses on the development of the right brain of a child, thereby helping children nurture the ability to “acquire” education easily.

According to Agnes Ng, who co-founded the Right Brain Training Programme at the Heguru Method Learning Centre at Fusionopolis, a child’s memory ability can be greatly developed with right brain training, which without doubt will assist him right throughout his academic journey.

A leader in right brain development training, HEGL (Heguru) was founded by Japanese husband-and-wife team Hirotada and Ruiko Henmi, both of whom have illustrious careers in education and a sparkling list of related qualifications.

Mr. Henmi developed the MEP programme (“Most Effective Perfect” course), which challenges the basic assumptions underlying the junior high school examination system in Japan.

Meanwhile, Mrs. Henmi invented “Hado Reading” in 1997. This technique far surpasses speed-reading and teaches one how to read and understand the contents of a book merely by turning its pages. It is also an important component of HEGL (Heguru).

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Committed to helping children learn: (from left to right) Heguru @ Fusionopolis’ vice principal Rachel Pei; Heguru @ Fusionopolis’ principal Ms Agnes Ng; Mrs Ruiko Henmi; Mr Hirotada Henmi; and Heguru @ Fusionopolis’ other vice principal Claire Ng.

theAsianparent was lucky to be invited to an interview with the founding couple and Agnes Ng recently during the official opening of the extended Heguru Method facilities at Fusionopolis.

Read what the three had to say in reply to the questions asked by popular TV presenter Diana Ser (answers translated from Japanese) here:

Q: An important aspect of Heguru programme is wave reading, or Hado reading. Mrs. Henmi, tell me a little bit more about that.

A: The prerequisite of Hado reading is right brain activation. With normal reading as a starting point, and coinciding with the process of right brain activation, a child will discover that he can gradually read faster.

When a child’s right brain activation reaches a certain level, he will be able to make very complete imagery related to what he was reading appear in his mind. This is the manner in which the (Hado reading) technique manifests.


Three leaders in Heguru Method: Ms Agnes Ng, Mrs Ruiko Henmi, Mr Hirotada Henmi

Hado reading is not so much a goal in itself, but rather a tool for children to make use of.

Using the activated brain’s power to read books at high speed paves the way for the next step of right brain activation, where children can create and employ images at their will.

I recommend kids to start practising Hado reading when they are 2-3 years old. This will enable them to naturally and easily achieve this reading skill at the age of 7-8.


Mr Hirotada Henmi, one of the founders of HEGL (Heguru)

Q: Mrs. Henmi, as you can tell, Agnes (the co-founder of the Heguru Method Learning Centre @ Fusionopolis), and the other two co-founders, Rachel and Claire are very passionate about the Heguru Method. What do you have to say about them?

A: They are all very passionate about what they do, but they exhibit different character traits which they use to complement each other magnificently in order to raise and maintain the teaching standard at Heguru @ Fusionopolis.

It is this match-up of strengths that has made Heguru @ Fusionopolis what it is today.

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Hado reading is one of the skills that right brain training will enable in your child.

Q: Agnes, please explain how the teachers at Heguru @ Fusionopolis are chosen and trained. 

A: Qualification is only one of the factors that we look at when selecting our teachers. When we interview a candidate, we always ask if they love children because teaching really has to come from the heart.

After the selection, we send our teachers to Japan to be trained by Mr and Mrs Henmi.

The training in Japan is very rigorous, and teachers will need to pass a series of skill tests, in areas such as flash cards, voice projections and delivery.

Besides that, they will have to take a theory test on the philosophies behind the Heguru Method.  The lessons on the philosophies are conducted personally by Mr Henmi.

Finally, there will be a practical test conducted by Mrs Henmi and her team.  Only after completing the series of tests will the teachers be certified to conduct classes.

Because our curriculum is so dynamic and fast-paced, our Centre also conducts internal training for the teachers every week.

Since there is a different curriculum every week, our teachers need to go through the flow, upgrade themselves and discuss how they are going to deliver the curriculum.

In order to maintain the standard of delivery of lessons, we video the teachers when they are delivering lessons to see how they build rapport with the children in class and for review by Mrs Henmi and her team, who will give us feedback on how to improve.

This shows the amount of effort that we put in to ensuring the quality of our teachers and also their commitment.

Q: Agnes, why do you need to send your teachers all the way to Japan? Can’t you train them in Singapore? 

A: Yes, it is challenging for us to send our teachers all the way to Japan for training, as it is cheaper to train them in Singapore.

But we feel that the essence of this programme is that our teachers understand from their heart and mind the philosophy behind this programme, as articulated and put into practice by Mr and Mrs Henmi.

Besides that, I have also personally witnessed the difference in skills of those teachers who trained locally, before going to Japan and after.

The way these teachers deliver lessons after coming back from Japan is much better and they put more heart into the delivery.  For all these reasons, we are committed to investing in our teachers, even if it means sending them to Japan for training.

Q: Mr. Henmi, what is your vision for Heguru @ Fusionopolis?

A: Well, to be honest, we have a lot of hopes for Heguru @ Fusionopolis — the biggest one of which is for the children to produce wonderful results, just like those at our Tachikawa (main) centre (in Japan).

When I look at the educational techniques that have blossomed in Heguru @ Fusionopolis, I feel very reassured that they are indeed on the right track to help children achieve such amazing results.

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The extended Heguru Method facilities at Fusionopolis being officially opened

Q: Mr. and Mrs. Henmi, what do you have to say to parents who are thinking about why they should send their children to Heguru @ Fusionopolis?

A: Education that stimulates the left brain can be found anywhere and in any country.

However, education programmes that specifically target right brain stimulation from when children are at a very young age – such as the programme at Heguru @ Fusionopolis – are few and far between.

With a programme such as this, it’s possible (depending on a child’s age) to provide education that develops a child’s left and right brains simultaneously. Such a programme can even draw out the right brain’s intrinsic power when the child is still in the womb!

The programme at Heguru @ Fusionopolis is an amazing starting point for the rest of  a child’s academic journey.

Moreover, the energetic teachers at Heguru @ Fusionopolis are great representatives for Heguru, ensuring that all students are cheerful, energetic and have fun as they learn together, which is really an ideal situation when it comes to education.


Why not check out the Heguru Method Learning Centre at Fusionopolis today?

Also, all of them have a powerful energy when it comes to teaching and as importantly, they are very patient people which is important when it comes to teaching young children.

We also often receive feedback that it is not only the child who benefits greatly from the programme at Heguru @ Fusionopolis, but also the parents who enjoy seeing their child blossom academically and are able to go on a journey of learning with him or her.

In this sense, Heguru provides incredible support to the whole family.

For all these reasons and more, we recommend that parents should consider sending their children to Heguru @ Fusionopolis.

Our final message to parents is this: every child has potential, so observe your child’s behaviour, draw out his abilities and give your child plenty of praise and recognition.

When you believe in your child in this manner, he will have the ability to realise his abilities to their full potential.

Do your children or the kids of your friends go to the Heguru Method Learning Centre at  Fusionopolis? Please share your experience of their programme by leaving a comment below. 

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