Ribena introduces ready-to-drink beverage - Ribena Sparkling Cans

Ribena introduces ready-to-drink beverage - Ribena Sparkling Cans

Watch out for your family's health and grab a healthier alternative when you are out buying drinks!

The blackcurrant childhood favourite just got a facelift!

From the signature glass bottle to the squeeze packs today, Ribena has never ceased to provide us with a healthy drink that we all enjoy.

And they've recently released the Ribena Sparkling Cans series! A refreshing variant of the blackcurrant beverage that contains a fizzy twist.

The Ribena Sparkling Cans, of the ready-to-drink range, provides a healthier alternative to the typical carbonated drink.

This new product has one of the lowest sugar levels compared to other carbonated drinks, being naturally sweetened by New Zealand-grown blackcurrants. This allows your kids to enjoy a tasty refreshment while cutting down on sugar. The health benefits do not stop there, as this drink contains vitamin C, antioxidants and anthrocyanins!

This drink will be available at all leading supermarkets, convenience stores island-wide, so do check it out when you go shopping!

The Ribena Sparkling Can comes in a 325ml can, with a retail price of $6.20 for a 6-pack and $1.45 for a single can.

Ribena is a registered trademark under Suntory Beverage & Food Singapore Pte. Ltd.

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Pavin Chopra

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