Review: Moony Diapers

Review: Moony Diapers

Mummy Charlotte from A Beauty Affair shares her review on the new Moony Diapers. Read on to find out what she has to say...

I remember being overwhelmed by the diaper choices available when I became a mother. Our diaper journey thus far, has been one of trial and error, littered with occasional leaks and unfortunate diaper rash. And to this day, I have not stopped trying out new brands and ranges to find the perfect fit for my son, Asher.

Moony is a premium made-in-Japan diapers brand. Despite being relatively new in the market, it has already gained a following of parents who swear by it. This is evident in parent forums and social media groups. Having read the feedback on Moony’s superior quality, I was looking forward to try them out on Asher too.

moony diapers

Moony Diapers: This is the Moony Man L Size Pants for boys.

Moony’s perfect slim fit

Moony diapers’ slim fit won me over as I dislike bulky diapers. The pad lining was soft and comfortable to touch, making it suitable for a baby’s delicate skin. To find out if Moony diapers could meet my expectations, I decided to put it to the test.

Asher sleeps for approximately ten hours at night, so it would be convenient to have a diaper that can withhold and absorb all the pee from night to morning. That way, this sleep-deprived mummy would not need to worry about waking up in the middle of the night for diaper changes.

moony diapers

Morning-after weigh in of the Moony diapers!

So for a week, Asher slept in his Moony diapers without any changes in the middle of the night. Every morning, Asher would wake up with a bulky diaper but his bedsheets remained dry. For such slim diapers, Moony diapers really absorbed a lot! Just look at how heavy Asher’s diaper is. There were no leaks at all – much to my relief.

Moony Air Fit

moony diapers

Moony Air Fit is the answer to that perfect, comfortable diaper fit.

Moony diapers is the only brand to come up with a new innovative technology – the Moony Air Fit, a curvature that follows your child’s body for the perfect fit. With this technology, there is no tight side elastics that puts pressure on your baby’s skin.

The best thing about the Moony Air Fit is that they are really stretchable and hugs nicely to your baby’s sides without being too tight.

moony diapers

It was also a plus point that Moony diapers come with a convenient colour indicator which changes from yellow to blue-green once the baby passes urine. With this, you no longer need to open or wedge your fingers inside the diapers just to check if baby has peed.

moony diapers

Just check the colour indicator to see if baby has peed!

Moony diapers come with an adhesive tape to hold the rolled-up soiled diaper in place. The sides of the diaper also tears easily for diaper changes, which makes cleaning up a real breeze.

moony diapers

Once done, just roll up the soiled diaper with the adhesive tape!

Moony diapers have been extremely useful for times when frequent diaper changes used to be a challenge. For example, we now use Moony for Asher’s bedtimes, naps as well as his 2-hour playgroup sessions.

moony diapers

Asher happily playing at home in his diapers.

Overall, we are very satisfied with Moony’s premium quality. I do not need to worry about diaper rash, as Moony’s perfect comfort fit does not cause skin irritation or restrict Asher’s movements. I’m also pleased with the diapers’ ability to absorb so much without any leakages as Asher pees a lot.

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