Revealed: Winnie the Pooh is a girl!

Revealed: Winnie the Pooh is a girl!

What a surprise! It turns out that Winnie the Pooh isn't actually a boy, but a girl bear!

The world's most famous bear, the honey loving Winnie the Pooh is in fact a she with a very rich history.

The whole story behind Pooh bear is outlined in a new children's book, Finding Winnie, by Lindsay Mattick.

Christopher Robin's best friend was named after a black bear called Winnie, who lived at the London Zoo. The bear's name was a tribute to the Canadian city of Winnipeg. So, not only is she a girl, she's also got Canadian roots!

Lindsay Mattick is the great-granddaughter of Lieutenant Harry Colebourn, a veterinarian who bought Winnie as a cub during the WWI. Colebourn paid just $20 for the bear and brought her along on his travels.

Winnie became the unofficial mascot for Colebourn's regiment, but when he had to go to France with his unit, he left her at the London Zoo.

At the zoo, Winnie was often visited by a young boy named  Christopher Robin. The boy loved Winnie so much he named his own toy bear after her.

Also, Christopher Robin's father  happens to be A.A. Milne, the author behind the Winnie the Pooh character we've all come to love.

A rich history indeed.

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