Restaurant review - Extra Virgin Pizza

Restaurant review - Extra Virgin Pizza

Are you in the mood for pizza? You've got to try out Extra Virgin Pizza for some of the best pizzas in Singapore. Read our review on Extra Virgin Pizza right here.

Pizza is a favourite among many foodies here in Singapore and it is indeed one of those foods people get pretty passionate about.

Some like a thin crust while others like a doughy crust; some like to keep their toppings simple while others like a complex mix of ingredients on their pizza.

Therefore, if you are constantly looking for the perfect pizza (like me!), Extra Virgin Pizza is as good as it gets!

Extra Virgin Pizza

OK, let's hit 'pause' and 'rewind' and let me start at the beginning so I can tell you all about my dining experience at Extra Virgin Pizza, and what makes their pizzas some of the best in Singapore.

When I was presented with the wonderful opportunity to review this restaurant that serves authentic, artisan Neapolitan-style pizzas, I jumped at the offer! Who wouldn't, right?

The atmosphere

Extra Virgin Pizza has two outlets in Singapore — one in Asia Square Mall and the other at the newly opened United Square.

Extra Virgin Pizza

My family and I went to the branch at Asia Square Mall as we were told that it is more child-friendly than the United Square branch. I'll discuss more about Extra Virgin Pizza's child-friendly plus points later on in this review.

The restaurant has a very relaxed feel to it, and is quite spacious and well-ventilated. It was bathed in natural light when we were there for lunch.

In addition to the booth-style and regular tables, you can also sit facing the pizza oven to get great views of the skilled chefs making pizza.

Extra Virgin Pizza

The staff

The staff at Extra Virgin Pizza are lovely and very kid-friendly. Our two little munchkins got warm welcomes from them and felt at home the moment they walked in.

They are well-versed with the menu and are willing to make suggestions from their bestsellers and kid-friendly menu items.

The food

Since we were there to review the restaurant, we wanted to try not only their pizzas but the small dishes and salads as well.

The drinks menu at Extra Virgin Pizza features a wide variety, from wines to iced drinks and warm drinks.

We opted to try a jug of their Strawberry Basil Housemade soda ($6 for a glass, $15 for a jug) which was fizzy, sweet, refreshing and yummy!

Extra Virgin Pizza

The Layered Caprese ($15) came highly recommended, and since I just LOVE fresh Buffalo mozzarella, we had to order it.

Extra Virgin Pizza

I must mention that all the ingredients in the salad are imported to ensure customers get the freshest and best-quality food. Actually, this applies to most of the ingredients used at Extra Virgin Pizza.

Well, it goes without saying that this salad tasted amazingly fresh and vibrant. The balsamic dressing rounded off the salad with a sharp yet sweet hit.

Cauliflower Romesco ($12)

Extra Virgin Pizza

I know that cauliflower — or any other vegetable for that matter — would probably not be your top pick at a pizza restaurant.

However, I do try and sample the often forgotten veggie at most of the restaurants I review. It helps when the dish is also one of the restaurant's bestsellers!

This cauliflower dish at Extra Virgin Pizza did not disappoint — the cauliflower was crunchy and the Romesco (a complex- flavoured sauce made from grinding almonds, red capsicums and Fontina cheese seasoned with salt and cracked black pepper) was sweet and delicious.

Topped with the melting cheese, this was one scrumptious dish!

Veal & Ricotta Meatballs ($14)

Extra Virgin Pizza

These meatballs come in a homemade chunky tomato sauce, topped with provolone cheese and basil. They are a meaty, not-too-spicy treat,  so the kids loved them too!

Grilled Skirt Steak Salad ($18)

Extra Virgin Pizza

If you come to Extra Virgin Pizza to have just a salad (which I really hope you won't do, because you'll definitely regret it!), this makes for a perfect carbs-less meal.

Another option, of course, is to order this salad to share and follow it up with a pizza.

I've had quite a few steak salads and this sits up there with some of the best.

The steak is juicy and tender but not greasy, the amount of dressing on the salad leaves is perfect and the little bits of Kikorangi blue cheese gives it a unique flavour.

Next, we got down to business — choosing pizzas to sample.

Spotted Pig Pizza ($26)

Extra Virgin Pizza

The Spotted Pig is really a meat-lover's best friend in the form of a pizza. It has a salty kick from the applewood smoked bacon, pepperoni and pork sausage.

Although it contains all that meat, fear not, it is not artery-cloggingly greasy. The very fresh tasting tomato sauce managed to shine a midst the meatiness.

However, in my humble opinion, the chewy thin-crusted pizza base/crust was the hero!

Extra Virgin Pizza

The thing is, I am one of those people who irritatingly eat most of a pizza slice and leave out the crust — the 'best part' according to some — usually because I find it too doughy.

But this pizza crust was different — it was chewy and crispy all at once! You've got to try it to know what I mean!

Pistachio Pesto Pizza ($24)

Extra Virgin Pizza

This pizza came highly recommended but we were a bit hesitant only because pistachio pesto seemed to be an unlikely choice of topping.

But oh boy, were we wrong! I'm so glad we tried it as this was my favourite dish of the day!

The aroma of the pesto alone was mouth-watering and the taste was out of this world — this is definitely a must-have on your visit to Extra Virgin Pizza!

Now, on to the sweets... we had our eye on the Nutella Panna Cotta and the Warm Brownie Sundae, so we were glad to learn that they were customer favourites as well.

Nutella Panna Cotta ($8)

Extra Virgin Pizza

Oh, this was heavenly! This dessert was rich and creamy with that luscious 'wobble' so distinctive to a good Panna Cotta. Double thumbs up from us for this one.

Warm Brownie Sundae ($10)

Extra Virgin Pizza

You'd think we'd already have been full by the time we were done with all that food, and wouldn't have any room left for a dessert as decadent as a brownie sundae.

Well, the truth is — you are right! But I was not going to pass on this ooey-gooey chocolate-y goodness. My diet could wait till the next day.

Needless to say, this dessert was glorious. There was a surprise in the form of slightly salted crunchy walnuts within the brownie that gave it an interesting texture. This was so worth the calories!

The kiddie-friendly factor

Extra Virgin Pizza

Extra Virgin Pizza at United Square Shopping Centre is more kiddie-friendly that the one at Asia Tower. The Extra Virgin Pizza outlet at Asia Tower, which is in the heart of the Central Business District, caters more to the working crowd.

The kids' menu at Extra Virgin Pizza - United Square comes at $15 a set. This includes a drink (milk or orange juice), either a pizza or spaghetti (with a variety of topping or sauces) and a scoop of ice cream with toppings.

We chose a ham and cheese pasta bowl and a four cheese pizza for the kids. The kiddies loved their meals and needless to say, the ice cream was the 'cherry on top' of a very yummy and satisfying meal for them.

Contact details and location

Extra Virgin Pizza

Check out the location and contact details of Extra Virgin Pizza right here.

We'd like to know — had you ever been to Extra Virgin Pizza before you read our review? If so, let us know what your favourite dish was by leaving a comment below.  

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