5 regifting etiquettes to remember

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Christmas is a joyful time not only because you get to spend time with loved ones and eat lots of good food, you also exchange a lot of presents! Unfortunately that usually means you will receive at least one gift that is just not up your alley, or you have no need for. What then should you do about it?

Regifting is not a grave crime, but you have to know how to do it right. Here are some tips we feel would help you with the art of regifting!

#1 Create distance


Imagine how awkward it can get to be discovered passing along a gift meant for you, to someone else. So never regift within the same social circle — something you received from a family member is safer to be given to your colleague and vice versa. Especially do not regift something to someone who knows the original gifter.

#2 Appropriate for the recipient

appropriate for the recipient

Sure, one man’s trash is another man’s treasure. But that doesn’t mean you can regift mindlessly to get rid of anything you don’t like. Make sure that the recipient will enjoy the gift. For example, you receive a handbag from your office’s secret santa. Try not to simply toss it to your brother who you forgot to buy a present for. Even if you think he can pass it on to his girlfriend, why not just give it to his girlfriend directly? It will be much more appreciated.


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