Recommended reading for 4 - 9 year olds

Recommended reading for 4 - 9 year olds

Mandy Seng from the National Library Board shares with us what our 4 - 9 year olds generally like to read and recommends a selection for you to preview.

Recommended reading for 4 - 9 year olds

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Recommended readings for 4 – 6 years old

General traits: Can converse with other children and adults, able to identify and read simple words.  Starts to express himself/herself through scribbling, enjoys sounds and playing with children of similar age.

Has longer attention span and enjoys “reading” on his / her own; able to re-tell stories and recite the alphabet.

  • Picture books that illustrates concepts, repetitive phrases that preschoolers could recite or predictable books which allow them to anticipate the text and chime in.
  • Books that tackle everyday experiences such as first day of school, fear of the dark etc.
  • Simple concepts on immediate environment such as interacting with family members, occupations, animals and weather.
  • Toy books with more advance activities such as tying shoelaces, sticking Velcro on shoes, buttoning up coats, zipping up jackets.
  • Wordless books for expressing the story in their words.
  • Informational books about daily things and experiences, activity books, cumulative tales and humour books.


Recommended titles for 4 – 6 year olds:

1. Owen

Author: Kevin Henkes

Call No.: JP HEN

Publisher: New York, N.Y.: Greenwillow Books, c1993.

2. The Gruffalo

Author: Julia Donaldson

Call No.: JP DON

Publisher: London : Macmillan Children’s, 2009.


Recommended readings for 7 – 9 years old

General traits: Tend to take the lead in choosing the type of books they like to read. Children who are starting to read independently should be introduced to short chapter books to encourage and support their enthusiasm for reading.

    • Enjoy books with lots of humour and/or nonsensical stories
    • They also start to get interested in stories about other children’s lives and the adventures that they experience
    • Stories that show characters facing realistic problems and being independent
    • Story characters must not be one dimensional, i.e. must have both good and bad qualities, as this mirrors the growing child’s sense of right and wrong

Recommended titles for 7-9 year olds

1. Soupy Saturdays with the Pain and the Great One

Author: Judy Blume

Call No: JS BLU

Publisher: New York: Delacorte Press, c2007.

2. Love That Dog

Author: Sharon Creech

Call No: JS CRE

Publisher: London : Bloomsbury Children’s, 2001.

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