Recommended Maid Agencies in Singapore

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Learn where to find an appropriate helper through these maid agencies in Singapore.

Recommended Maid Agencies in Singapore

maid agencies in Singapore

Maids are a boon for busy and overwhelmed parents. Find good maids from the good maid agencies in Singapore

When it comes to taking care of children and looking after a household, good help is a boon to busy and overwhelmed parents. Unfortunately, searching for a dependable Foreign Domestic Worker (FDW) can be quite a challenging task. But with help from the Ministry of Manpower (MOM), parents can now hire maids from numerous reputable maid agencies in Singapore.

Maid agencies in Singapore

To date, there are more than 500 maid agencies in Singapore that are licensed by the Ministry of Manpower. Only these licensed agencies are allowed to act as middlemen in finding these maids jobs in Singapore.

On top of their issued MOM license, these reputable agencies can also choose to have their companies accredited by employment accreditation bodies such as CaseTrust and Association of Employment Agencies of Singapore (AEAS). While the accreditation is optional, it adds recognition and a trust factor to the agency.

Recommended maid agencies in Singapore

Here are five maid agencies that have outstanding records as per the Ministry of Manpower’s website in July 2015:


Five of MOM’s best maid agencies in Singapore.

Note: As per the date indicated, none of these agencies have any demerit points and have live EA statuses. Among the five mentioned maid agencies in Singapore, only 121 Personnel Services PTE. LTD. is accredited with CaseTrust.

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