13-Year-Old Boy Shows Teaches How To Think Independently On TedX

13-Year-Old Boy Shows Teaches How To Think Independently On TedX

Being Asian means that there are very specific rules we adhere to when it comes to the way we live our lives, and raising our children is no exception.

Source: Misfits Wisdoms From Unconventional Singaporeans 
Calvin Soh, a Singaporean entrepreneur and author, is trying to change the way we raise our children here in Asia. In the video below, he talks about raising our children to think more independently.

This means, that we will need to be willing to present them with those opportunities to try and either succeed or fail. Further, it means that in the situation where they are right and we are proven wrong, we need to be matured enough to admit this and praise them!

Soh himself has raised a 13-year-old TEDx Speaker. For those of you who don’t know, TEDx Talks are relatively short talks that are designed to approach and explore a great idea or theme. This means that his son, Dylan Soh, gave a talk typically designed for success coaches and influentials at the early age of 13!

Watch the video to hear his son, Dylan Soh, talk about overcoming fear and obstacles in our lives.

Source: TEDx Talks

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