Rainbow Sextuplets Birth: Photographer Captures Birth Of Six Babies

Rainbow Sextuplets Birth: Photographer Captures Birth Of Six Babies

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Many times there are unfortunate incidents where couples lose their babies when still in the womb. Getting over a miscarriage can be a difficult experience. But what if the next thing you know is that you’re in for a rainbow sextuplets birth? 

This is exactly what Courtney and Eric Waldrop from Alabama found out, when their beautiful babies – all six of them – were born on 11th December 2017. Photographer Ashley Sargent captured their gorgeous first moments in a series of stunning photos.

Rainbow sextuplets birth: a rare occurrence

The Waldrop couple desired to have a big family but unfortunately experienced many miscarriages. Their first son Saylor was also a rainbow baby (a baby that follows a previous miscarriage). After the birth of Saylor they tried fertility treatments and had twin boys Wales and Bridge.

rainbow sextuplets birth

Rainbow sextuplets birth: Courtney and Eric with their munchkins | Image: Ashley Sargent Photography/ Facebook

Now with three kids, the couple wanted to have one more child and tried to conceive without IVF. But that eventually led to a miscarriage, so the couple went back to fertility treatments. This time around, the lovely couple got the big news of the successful conception of sextuplets. 

New mum Courtney expressed her joy. She said: “It’s an amazingly joyful feeling to have all six babies at home with us. Our lives have been forever changed. We are blessed beyond words and so excited to get life started with these sweet little miracles from above.”

Rainbow sextuplets birth: because after every storm there is a rainbow!

Ashley Sargent shared: “Can you imagine the fear and stress you would have as a mother being told you are pregnant with six, mixed with so much joy in knowing that within you life is growing?”

rainbow sextuplets birth

Rainbow sextuplets birth | Image: Ashley Sargent Photography/Facebook

She further said that: “Yes, I said miracles. Because the odds were against them. The odds of all six babies at one time. The odds of the babies surviving at all. Odds of two parents accepting them all and choosing life regardless of the surprising news. You babies are miracles. There is a tremendous purpose for your life. You will shake the world. Because after every storm there is a rainbow.”

The rainbow sextuplets birth led to a unique photoshoot. The cutelings were bundled up in each colour of the rainbow and in descending birth order. The oldest one, Blu was in red, Layke in orange, Rawlings in yellow, Rayne in green, Tag in blue and the youngest of all, Rivers in purple. 

Rainbow sextuplets birth: pregnancy and other risks

According to American Pregnancy, in the case of multiple babies, there are increased pregnancy complications with every additional baby.

rainbow sextuplets birth

Rainbow sextuplets birth: the gorgeous Waldrop family | Image: Ashley Sargent Photography/Facebook

Some common pregnancy complications with multiple babies are:

  • Preterm labour or delivery: While the normal pregnancy period is 37 weeks, with every additional baby the gestation time is reduced.
  • Low birth weight: Babies who are born within 32 weeks and weigh below 3.3 pounds have higher risk of life. Other long term complications can be mental issues, cerebral palsy, vision and hearing loss. 
  • Intrauterine Growth Restriction: Up to 30 weeks, twins grow at an equal pace. But after 30 or 32 weeks of pregnancy, they start competing for nutrition. In the case of quadruplets this period can last up to 25 or 26 weeks. 
  • Preeclampsia: Gestational hypertension, or preeclampsia, is one of the most common threats to mum and baby.
  • Placental abruption: This is the separation of the placenta from the uterus lining. While this can happen in the third trimester, it is more common after the vaginal birth of the first baby.
  • Foetal demise: Intrauterine foetal demise is an uncommon phenomenon. But if this happens, then the doctors can decide whether they want other babies to get exposed to the lost baby or not.
  • Caesarean: In case of triplets or more, your doctor may advise a caesarean delivery. A vaginal birth is possible for twins.


Sources: Pop SugarAmerican Pregnancy 

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