Sengkang GRC MP Raeesah Khan Announces Pregnancy

Sengkang GRC MP Raeesah Khan Announces Pregnancy

She confirmed the good news on Instragram on the first day in Parliament on Monday (24 Aug).

Raeesah Khan is pregnant.

The Sengkang GRC MP shared the news of her pregnancy on Monday (24 August), which also marked the first day of the 14th Parliament of Singapore.

raeesah khan is pregnant

Raeesah Khan’s Instagram post on the first day of parliament, confirming her pregnancy. | Image source: Instagram

Ms Khan took to Instagram to make the announcement saying: “Baby was viciously kicking while I was swearing in so I think they’re ready for parliament too!”

Raeesah Khan Is Pregnant

Noticeably, Ms Khan used the preposition “they” in her caption. There is no confirmation on whether it is going to be a boy or a girl. 

Meanwhile, this is the first official announcement on the Sengkang GRC MP of her pregnancy. The child will be her second.

The 26-year-old gave birth to her first child, a son, in July 2019.

Sengkang GRC MP Raeesah Khan Announces Pregnancy

Sengkang GRC MP Raeesah Khan and her son Raees.

Sengkang GRC MP Raeesah Khan

Ms Khan is the youngest elected Member of Parliament (MP). She was among the 93 MPs sworn in at today’s opening of the 14th Parliament.

Prior to her foray into politics, Ms Khan founded the Reyna Movement, an organisation she set up that operates in Singapore and Johor to empower marginalised women and children through upskilling programme and community engagement.

According to her Workers’ Party profile, it says that she works through her organisation with women’s shelters, people without homes, at-risk children and low-income families in Singapore.

Congratulations on the pregnancy!

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Sengkang GRC MP Raeesah Khan Announces Pregnancy

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