Q&A: How Do I Add a New Baby to My Health Plan?

Q&A: How Do I Add a New Baby to My Health Plan?

In this series, financial adviser Ms Phylise Er Jia Li answers some of the common questions first-time parents have regarding insurance plans and policies.

Q&A: How Do I Add a New Baby to My Health Plan?Q: What's the procedure for adding a new baby to my health plan?

A: When there is a new member in the family, you may consider:
(a) To get your new baby an individual health insurance plan; or
(b) To include him/her to your health insurance plan (some plans may allow the inclusion of new dependant upon the anniversary of your policy renewal date)

Inform your financial adviser representative about your newborn. He/She will be able to assist in submitting your application to the insurer with supporting documents such as health book and birth certificate.

This commentary expresses the views of Ms Phylise Er Jia Li, a financial adviser representative from AXA Life Insurance Singapore Pte Ltd. It is not made with regard to any investment objectives, financial situation or particular needs of any person. Before making an investment decision, you should speak to a financial adviser representative and/or professional services adviser to consider whether this information is appropriate to your needs, objectives and circumstances.

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Felicia Chin

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