Parents, You'll Be Surprised By The PSLE Results Released This Year!

Parents, You'll Be Surprised By The PSLE Results Released This Year!

Qiu Biqing, a native of Guangzhou topped the PSLE this year. She got an aggregate score of 290.

PSLE results

Last Thursday was a butterfly in the stomach sort of the day for over 48,000 kids and parents. It was the day that Primary School Leaving Examinations (PSLE) results were released.

Out of the 48,541 Primary six pupils who sat for the PSLE this year, 47,117 pupils (or 97.1 per cent) will proceed to secondary school.

For those who did not pass the exam, they have a choice of enrolling in Assumption Pathway School or NorthLight School, or re-taking their PSLE.

For home-schooled children, 37 took the examinations this year. Seventeen, or 46 per cent, did not meet the benchmark.

But what came as a shocker to most parents was the fact that the top student wasn't a Singaporean but a girl from China, who moved to Singapore only four years ago.

About the top PSLE Scorer

Before moving from Guangzhou, Qiu Biqing barely spoke English. The 13-year old admits that she still finds English very tough, but despite this difficulty, she garnered an aggregate score of 290 (four A stars) making her the number one student for this year.

She comes from Qifa Primary School, located at West Coast. Ms Qiu will be continuing her secondary education at Raffles Girls School.

The top Malay and Eurasian students, Syafiqah Nabilah Bte Shamshera and Samantha Annabelle Neubronner are both from Raffles Girls' Primary School. The top Indian student is Muhammad Saad Siddiqui from Anglo-Chinese School.

Another shocker, was the fact that seven of the 13 best students this year came from neighbourhood schools. This is a surprising change from the last year’s result where only two students from these schools topped the exams. These primary schools include South View, Greenridge, Gongshang and Rulang.

Date for PSLE 2013 Results

Date for PSLE 2013 Results

To all those who did their PSLE in 2013, we wish you all the best for your results. The PSLE results will be released on the 22nd November at 11 am.

This time round the highest and lowest PSLE aggregate scores will not be printed on the result slips to "allow students to focus on their own achievements and holistic development".

Students may apply for their secondary schools via the Secondary One-Internet System (S1-IS) within seven days after the release of the PSLE results.

Can I authorise someone to collect the PSLE results on a pupil's behalf?

Yes. The pupil will have to inform the school in advance and confirm the arrangement with the school.

Can a pupil make an appeal for a review of his PSLE results?

Yes, a pupil may appeal for a review of his results through his school immediately after he has obtained his  PSLE results. He may request for an appeal form from the school. The appeal must be submitted to SEAB, through the school, by the closing date. There will be an appeal fee for each subject.


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