Mums, here's what to do if your child goes missing

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One woman shares the story of how her nephew almost got kidnapped, and the simple, but life-saving tip that prevented his kidnapping!

All parents are terrified of the thought of their child being kidnapped. One moment you are enjoying a day out with your family, and the next your child is missing – it’s the stuff of parents’ nightmares. And with all sorts of scary news online and on TV, it’s normal to feel scared for your child’s safety. But how can mums and dads prevent kidnapping?

The good news is it could be easier than you think. Through this one simple tip, you can potentially save your child’s life and prevent them from getting kidnapped!

Prevent Kidnapping Through This Simple Tip!

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The blogger’s nephew, Jake (pictured) was almost kidnapped, but his life was saved thanks to this one simple tip!

Vicky Hamilton-Ross, a blogger, shared the story of how her nephew Jake almost got kidnapped. But through one simple step, they averted disaster.

She shared that her sister Lucinda and her family were at a beachside event in England. Her sister was holding Jake’s hand, and let go of it for a moment because she had to pick something up.

When she turned around, she was horrified to find out that her son had gone missing.

Luckily, a group of army cadets were in the area, and she asked for their assistance. The cadets quickly went around, shouting the boy’s description and encouraging the crowd to help look for the boy.

Fifteen minutes later, Jake was found further along the beach. However, his mother became terrified when he told her what had happened.

A Man Attempted to Kidnap Jake!

Jake told his mum that a bald man had gone up to him, and asked him if he wanted to “see a real rocket ship.” However, Jake’s mum believed that when the cadets started shouting Jake’s description, it scared off the kidnapper.

In her blog, Vicky wrote, “I would urge every parent to do this immediately, even if you suspect they are just around the corner, what’s the worst that could happen, you are slightly embarrassed because they hadn’t gone anywhere? Well worth that risk.”

Since then, her blog post has gone viral, and she added that she was “glad it can help so many people.”

Here Are Some Things to Keep in Mind:

Aside from shouting out your child’s description if they go missing, there are also other ways to prevent kidnapping:

  • Always keep an eye on your kids. Never let them leave your sight, even for just a moment.
  • Make sure they know important information such as your phone number, and your address.
  • Teach them to not talk to strangers. Kids shouldn’t try to be friendly with people they don’t know.
  • When outside, make sure your child wears clothes that have conspicuous colours. That way, you can easily find them should they get lost in a crowd.
  • Tell them where they need to go should they get lost outside, and teach them about who they should approach in case of emergency.


Source: Newshub

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