Prepare Your Child for Primary School with MindChamps

Prepare Your Child for Primary School with MindChamps

Prepare your child for primary school with MindChamps’ breakthrough reading programme. Developed through extensive research and development by the award-winning team behind MindChamps PreSchool.

Prepare Your Child for Primary School with MindChamps

The MindChamps Reading enrichment programme is now offered at 2 convenient locations: Toa Payoh HDB Hub and most recently Paragon.

MindChamps Reading instills the love of reading in every child from young – an essential mindset for creating a ‘life-long reader’. MindChamps Reading does not only cover phonics – it is an important part of any balanced reading program – but it is only one part. It is necessary but not sufficient.  Reading is about connecting with meaning, and experiencing the emotion and the aesthetic beauty of well-expressed language. MindChamps Reading Programme gets your child excited about reading by engaging both their emotions and intellect.

The programme trains your child (3 to7 years old) to be active in thinking, understanding and interacting with the written world, which are the critical requirements for a child’s success in any subject in school. The programme develops:

1. Narrative Intelligence

2. Higher Order Thinking Skills

3. Connectivity

4. Attentiveness

5. Language in Comprehension

The programme uses proven teaching methodology to cater to children with different learning styles and benefit them in the following ways:

  • Child-centred, with meaningful hands-on experiences that actively and constructively involve the child.
  • Experiences cater to the needs of the children and integrated into various aspects of the curriculum, e.g., creative arts, role-play (drama) and vocabulary.
  • Quality Children Literature, with related songs and rhymes that are appropriate to the different levels and linked to the letter(s) introduced.
  • Expertly crafted theatrical principles are incorporated within the lesson scope to fully engage the children.
  • “Transitional” activities are in place to provide the children with an opportunity to review and recall the learning experiences throughout the day.

Prepare Your Child for Primary School with MindChampsFind out Your Pre-schooler’s Reading Level – Complimentary Reading Assessment!

In line with the international guided reading levels, MindChamps Reading offers 3 different levels to cater to the different reading stages and learning styles. Your child will undergo a comprehensive reading assessment prior to starting the programme to determine the appropriate level.

Joey level:

The Joey level focuses on the best foundation for reading. The 4 essential areas of language development will be focused on – reading, pre-writing, speaking and listening. Some of the aspects covered are:

  • Recognise letters of the alphabets and their sounds, identify common sound blends such as sh, ch, th and write 3- and 4- letter words and their names;
  • Develop strong comprehension skills through fun multi-sensory activities;
  • Expand their spoken vocabulary

Panda level:

The Panda level focuses on the best strategies for reading. Your child will be introduced to a wide range of text formats and stories, read stories themselves, talk and write about what they have read. The focus is on gaining knowledge and meaning from text. Some of the aspects covered are:

  • Kow the sounds and names of all letters in the alphabet
  • Learn correct letter formation and extend on their penmanship
  • Learn to read, write and spell Frequently Used English words
  • Produce simple writing about personal experiences using correct grammar and punctuation

Dolphin level:

The Dolphin level focuses on the different purposes, forms and styles of language acquisition. Your child will learn to express his/her ideas, thoughts and feelings verbally as well through creative and written response activities. Some of the aspects covered are:

  • Learn to use correct punctuation and grammar structures
  • Possess a strong phonics structure
  • Use writing to express ideas, feelings and information using pronouns, conjunctions, and adverbial phrases
  • Use a variety of strategies to self correct when reading
  • Learn strategies for oral presentation, revising and editing written work

Prepare Your Child for Primary School with MindChamps

To book an appointment for our complimentary Reading Assessment, please visit our website or call our respective centres:


MindChamps Reading @ Paragon

Tel: 6732 0087

MindChamps Reading @ Toa Payoh

Tel: 6828 2688

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