Weird or useful: Old school mummy-to-be doll resurfaces!

Weird or useful: Old school mummy-to-be doll resurfaces!

Judith, the mommy-to-be doll, was a 90s toy that has resurfaced after years and is making waves online. Find out why this doll went against the conventional concept of a Barbie doll, and decide for yourself whether you would get it for your child or not!

Judith doll

Every mum is familiar with that extra weight gain after childbirth especially around the tummy. Of course, it certainly would be nice our tummies became flat again, right after baby pops out just like that. Well, the creators of Judith the Mommy To Be doll certainly had that idea. Filling toy shelves worldwide in 1991, Judith the Mommy To Be doll was pregnant, and could 'give birth' without having to deal with the complications most mothers struggle with during and after childbirth.

Judith the Mommy To Be doll - which hit toy shelves in 1991 - featured a detachable pregnant stomach and a baby inside. When it popped out, the doll's stomach became instantly flat again. The Barbie-like blonde toy wears a funky denim-and-stripes maternity outfit complete with white sneakers. A vintage advertisement for the doll reads: 'Help your child understand the mystery up new life, while maintaining the magic.'

How it works

judith doll 2

Judith the Mommy To Be doll came with a detachable pregnant stomach and a baby inside. The sex of the baby remained a secret, until it was 'delivered'. The spring-loaded baby is 'delivered' when you pop open Judith's detachable pregnant belly. Childbirth never looked so easy!

What was the point?

Judith doll 3

The doll was marketed as a way of educating children about childbirth, without the actual birthing process. Here was a supposedly fool-proof way to answer your child when they asked you where babies come from. According to an advertisement, the toy 'helps your child understand the mystery of new life, while maintaining the magic.' Each doll could be purchased by mail order for $19.95.

Family friendly?

As a way to promote family values, the video for They Actually Made That?, featured Judith decked out in a denim-and-stripes maternity outfit and sporting big blonde hair which was a trademark hairstyle of the early nineties, and most importantly sporting a wedding ring. Her significant other -- the Father To Be doll, could also be purchased, and he was decked out in a bold red sports coat, blue pants and a paisley tie.We can’t help thinking that the two of them resembles another famous blonde doll and her male friend, which were favourites of young girls.

Reactions from parents

pregnancy doll

Nadya, 46, mother of three daughters, says, “I can’t believe they stopped making these! I think they would be a great way to instil the values of a nuclear family and where babies come from to kids.”

Mdm Ng, 39, mother of a 10-year-old girl, says, “I think it’s a toy that girls will enjoy playing with especially since it fulfils the family fantasy that some girls build up when they are playing with their dolls.”

What do you think? Would you get this for your child if it was still in production or do you think that it is just too creepy? Also, check out the  video that features Judith in all her pregnant glory.

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Wafa Marican

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