Pregnancy belt for dads: Feel baby's kick!

Pregnancy belt for dads: Feel baby's kick!

Many dads long to feel their precious baby’s kick within the womb—they can feel it with their palms but never on their belly. Read on for this revolutionary pregnancy belt that allows fathers to feel their unborn baby kicking in real time! Would you get a pregnancy belt for dads?

pregnancy belt for dads Would you buy a pregnancy belt for dads?

What used to be an exclusive experience only felt by mothers can now be felt by dads too (if this device were to be mass produced). A few lucky dads were selected to put on a pregnancy belt for dads created by Huggies and a creative agency Ogilvy & Mather Argentina, while filming a Father’s Day greeting ad for Latin America.

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'Special' belt

This pregnancy belt for dads is essentially a motion-activated belt that is worn individually by both the expecting mummy and daddy-to-be at the same time. These two belts are connected so that when the baby kicks in the womb, mum’s belt with electronic sensors will detect the baby’s movement. These signals are then transmitted to the "pregnancy belt for dads" that is bound to his belly. All this happens in real-time, so the feeling can be shared simultaneously on the spot!

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What a breakthrough!

Eric Bruner, a spokesperson of Kimberly-Clark from Huggies’ parent company told TODAY Moms: “We think it’s a new and different way for dads to experience the emotions of pregnancy and it’s certainly worth highlighting in this special time of year.”

He added: “We’re very pleased with the response on this video and the emphasis that it puts on dad's experience during pregnancy.”

Dads don’t have to feel left out anymore — if only they were to mass-produce this pregnancy belt for dads so that it was readily available in the market. With the 'overwhelmingly positive' response, who knows? Perhaps they might consider selling it as a product, along with diapers.

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Dads' experiences

Want to see a grown man reduced to tears? Now is the time. The select lucky fathers, besides grinning from ear to ear, were teary eyed when they 'experienced' the beauty of the baby moving within. In astonishment, these fortunate dads exclaimed: “He’s moving a lot” and “I can feel him”.

Dads, we want to know if you are excited about this pregnancy belt for dads. Take our poll below.

Watch the video below to see the pregnancy belt for dads in action

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