Potato Head Folks' kids workshop

Potato Head Folks' kids workshop

Find out why some children from Sunbeams Place really enjoyed their holidays!

Potato Head kids workshop

As we hunker down to work, with the festive season behind us, and the family trip snaps become a fond momento on your desk, do you look back happily on your holidays?

Well, we bet some amazing kids who haven’t quite managed to catch a lucky break in life do too, thanks to the Potato Head Folks.

Last Christmas eve, 21 kids from Sunbeam Place, a residential home and gazetted place of safety for children who have been abused, neglected and in need of protection, or whose parents are unable to provide proper care, were given free passes to the inauguration of The Potato Folks’ series of kids’ cooking workshop.

Potato Head kids workshop

During the entire 2-hour fun filled activity period, the kids got to feast to their hearts’ content on the delightful food prepared by themselves with the help of Three Buns’ executive chef Adam Penney. Their delight and joy made Christmas a more wondorous occasion for all involved!

Potato Head kids workshop

The patient chef and teacher

During the workshop, they learnt to create and design some of Potato Head Folk’s signature dessert burgers such as the all-time favourite Vanilla Guerilla, a delectable traditional ice cream patty in a dark chocolate brioche bun and topped with hot salted butterscotch sauce.

Potato Head kids workshop

Games, drinks and food make a perfect Sunday afternoon

Are you smacking your lips now? We are pretty sure you and your kids will love this as much as the Sunbeam Place children did. (I don’t like ice cream burgers, said no kid ever!) This workshop runs one Sunday every month for the next couple of months on February 21st and March 10th – bring your kids and let them go “potatoes” face-painting and colouring amongst other games.

Fees are $25 per kid, and a percentage of proceeds from the Christmas workshops will go to helping needy children from the Singapore Children’s Society

Make your reservations with them here.

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Leigh Fan

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